JT Data Hosting

Protection where you need it the most

If your company conducts business electronically, it will benefit from the data centre hosting facilities at the JT Data Centres. 

Safeguard your business from the unexpected 

Data, and the systems you use to store it, are absolutely vital to your business. JT Data Hosting offers you a secure location for business critical servers operations, safeguarding your business from the unexpected and making sure you can continue to trade in any situation.

Network access
One of the key advantages of JT Guernsey Data Hosting is the direct access it offers to a network of world-class data communications services though our own on island fibre network and our dedicated link to the UK. Our network access is reinforced by our on island and London Point of Presence and its resiliency is increased  by the Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG) and link through Paris to London. All critical equipment for IP Connectivity is backed up via UPS and Generator so, in the unlikely event of a power outage your business keeps on running.

Specialist advice
JT Data Hosting is managed by a team of dedicated highly qualified Cisco engineers specialising in data connectivity for LAN and WAN solutions. Their expertise is your assurance that the chances of disruption are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Get maximum protection from JT Data Hosting

JT Data Hosting Centres are secure, environmentally controlled and protected facilities, with the diverse and robust connections you must have to run your services from an offshore location.

They offer:

  • 24/7/365 building surveillance and access monitoring.
  • Europlex 3GS combined intruder and access control system.
  • Rotating Security Guard Patrols.
  • Digitally recorded CCTV system.
  • 24/7/365 network and equipment monitoring.
  • N+1 UPS back up.
  • N+1 generator backup.
  • Resililent N+1 resilient air conditioning systems.
  • VESDA (very early warning smoke detection apparatus).
  • Temperature, humidity and moisture sensors.
  • FM 200 Gas drenching system for fire suppression.
  • Fully certified Data Centre staff.
  • Fully qualified voice and Data Engineers and Consultants.
  • Highly secure off site data back-up.

Further JT Data Hosting Facilities

  • Customer equipment build out room with independent air conditioning system.
  • Customer storage and locker options.
  • Dedicated customer room.
  • Voice and video conference facilities.
  • Kitchen facilities.
  • Shower and washroom facilities.
  • Dedicated and Shared Business Continuity Suite.

Complete peace of mind
Security is integral to our Data Centres. JT Data Hosting provides the highest quality security systems to give you total reassurance at every level. Building and equipment security is provided, and includes a monitored digital surveillance camera system and controlled access.
Unique Fault Tolerant Network
JT Data Hosting integrates with our extensive fibre optic network to provide high-speed digital connections. The use of carrier-grade Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) networks ensures extra protection for traffic routing from Guernsey to the UK and France. In the unlikely event of a sub-sea cable failure, traffic will seamlessly divert through alternative routes in less than 50 milliseconds.

Please see our Off-island Connectivity map to view JT’s SDH network.

JT has become the only Channel Island data centre provider to achieve the coveted ‘SOC’ quality certification.

Becoming SOC (Service Organisation Certification) certified is a rigorous, independent process, which inspects the full detail of a company’s controls, processes and procedures in a wide range of business critical areas from HR to security, financial management and operations.

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JT is an Alliance Member of the International Data Centre Group,
which provides customers with a single interface for premium data centre services in emerging technology markets and  new economies.  IDC-G’s customers have access to world-class  industry experience combined with the local expertise of its 
Alliance Members

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For more information on JT Data Hosting, call our Business Solutions team on 01481 882345.

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