Jersey/Guernsey - Join Together to lead the way

31-Jan-2012 14:01

Jersey and Guernsey may always remain fierce rivals on the sports field, but greater collaboration and co-operation has long been suggested as the best way forward if the Channel Islands are to remain competitive.  So whilst there may still be a way to go to reach agreement at a political level, or even on the sports field, we’re proud to explain how JT is already leading the way in the communications area. 

Having recognised the benefits of pooling the knowledge, skills and resources of our staff in both islands, we are now operating under one new stronger JT identity.  In doing so JT are already demonstrating our determination to reap the benefits of a co-ordinated pan-island approach. This unified way of working will soon see us leading the world in the speed and coverage of our respective broadband and mobile data networks to the mutual benefit of all islanders.   

Which is why as of January 2012 we have combined our existing Guernsey Wave Telecom and Jersey JT operations under a single JT brand identity.  Our hope is to use this move to continue to challenge ourselves to provide a better and more streamlined service to our local customers, under a stronger outward identity to help promote ourselves on the global stage and so attract more inward investment to our islands. 

This single identity and stronger team are captured well under the umbrella of our new positioning statement; 'Join Together'.  But more importantly our belief and commitment to offering greater value, efficiency and increased choice through the seamless provision of existing services and enhanced account management across the Channel Islands. 

This will be particularly visible to our business clients, many of whom also operate pan-island, so cementing our position as the islands leading Tier one operator with one of the most  innovative and comprehensive suites of innovative products and services. 

As well as streamlining our operations and enabling us to deliver economies of scale, bringing the JT Group's CI operations together under one brand will allow us to market the Channel Islands more effectively around the world. 

We have already been successful in attracting inward investment from global firms like Chinese based UTStarcom and telecoms giant Alcatel-Lucent as we have been actively promoting Guernsey and Jersey as ideal test centres for developing the next generation of global commercial technologies.  What’s more we will soon have a representative office in Silicon Valley, to add to our existing offices in London, Boston and Melbourne. 

This joining together of our local expertise with global connections, lies at the heart of JT’s strengths.  As another proof point of its benefits this strategy and philosophy very much underpins our Gigabit Isles initiative, which will see us provide domestic and business customers with access to the fastest broadband speeds in the western world. 

Over the last ten years, the JT Group has and will continue to invest heavily in both islands.  For example we have to date spent more than £40 million investing in Guernsey's telecommunications infrastructure, including the laying of a fibre optic cable to the UK.  

JT is also committed to spending a further £40 million to lay and create this new fibre optic network across Jersey over the next five years.  The first homes are being connected this month via an exciting and groundbreaking network trial which will see around 500 homes provided with speeds of up to 1 Gigabit (or 1024Mb) - 50 times faster than the best speeds achieved using the existing copper cable network!


As well as putting Jersey and the CI firmly on the digital map, initiatives like this, underpinned by our continuing investment in improving the capacity and resilience of our networks, will also benefit the islands' emerging IT and eGaming sectors through provision of  world class networks for them to utilise. 

We’re investing elsewhere too, for example in keeping up and planning for the growing demand for super-fast Mobile Broadband as well.  An additional £500,000 will be invested the first half of 2012 as part of our on-going upgrade programme which will provide even greater speeds of up to 42 Mb per second. 

As the only fully Channel Island-owned telecommunications operator in the islands, JT are determined to fulfil our commitment to being as responsive as possible to the needs of islanders and customers alike and have a busy programme of new products and services to fulfil this which we’re looking forward to sharing throughout this year. 

I believe our new identity captures the true spirit of JT and we look forward to fulfilling our commitment to customers in years to come as the leading provider of choice, whatever their needs.