JT Internet Backbone

Backbone of your business

An Internet Backbone is the network of cable connections along which information travels between locations.

JT Internet Backbone service is designed for resilience to support your business.

An Internet Backbone is the network of cable connections along which information travels between locations.  By using diverse data feeds from a number of leading bandwidth suppliers, we’ve made sure the JT Internet Backbone is highly resilient in the event of provider failure.

A second layer of protection is built into the JT Internet Backbone in the form of SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) connections from Jersey to the UK and France. These connections form an alternative JT Internet Backbone through which internet traffic will be diverted if the undersea cable normally used to carry signals is damaged.

Our IP features

The robust JT Internet Backbone helps us guarantee:

  • Speed - IP connections are available in a range of service speeds from 512Kbit/s to 10Mbit/s and beyond (subject to quotation).
  • Flexibility – As well as our fixed IP service options, a choice of ‘burstable’ IP services is available.  These provide the flexibility to handle temporary high loads at a lower cost than a high bandwidth fixed IP service.
  • Fixed IP Addresses - We can allocate up to 64 IP addresses per customer from the JT address pool. Additional IP addresses are available via RIPE subnet form.
  • Resilience – The JT Internet Backbone ensures maximum resilience in bandwidth supply, off-island routes and local infrastructure.
  • 24/7 Monitoring - To ensure service continuity and optimal traffic flow we monitor the JT Internet Backbone around the clock.

When your JT IP solution is installed, you will also need a router. These can be bought or rented - our Business Solutions Team will tell you about the products and configuration services we supply.

If you choose to rent a router, Enhanced Care support and basic management by engineers in our dedicated Network Operations Centre is included in the rental price. We are proud to be  certified Cisco Service Providers offering customers support and  protection for all Cisco equipment, including IP routers.

For more information on JT Internet Backbone, call our Business Solutions team on 01534 882345.

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