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JT Business Broadband with SDSL delivers high speed broadband performance to and from your business for a faster, more efficient service

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Improve your performance with JT Business Broadband

SDSL stands for Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It’s a way of ensuring you can send and receive information over your JT Business Broadband line with the same speed and high quality performance.

JT Business Broadband SDSL benefits

  • Symmetrical service - means equal download and upload speeds.
  • Speed - Superfast up to 2Mb speed with unlimited usage allowance.
  • Low contention ratio - The 10:1 contention ratio means your JT Business Broadband line is shared between just 10 other customers.
  • Quality - We offer a range of world class Cisco routers that can be rented or bought. The routers come with security elements such as firewalls, to ensure the integrity of your JT Business Broadband system.
  • Support - We offer a wide range of support options so you don’t have to put up with length periods of downtime should a fault  occur.
  • Fixed IP addresses – JT Business Broadband SDSL comes with 8 fixed IP addresses as standard, subject to completion of RIPE subnet form.

How much does JT Business Broadband SDSL cost?

There is a one off connection charge for the SDSL service and the price depends on whether you’re having a new line installed or upgrading an existing service line.

An existing telephone service line with or without ADSL can be upgraded to SDSL, but with the loss of the existing services carried.

Connection Option Charge
New line and service connection £330.00*
Upgrade of existing service line £280.00*

The monthly charge for this service is shown below.

ServiceMonthly Rental
JT Business Broadband - SDSL 2 Mbit/s Unlimited Usage £229.99*

* All prices exclude GST which will be added at time of billing.

You will need to rent or buy a router when you take up  JT Business Broadband SDSL. These can be bought or rented from JT or supplied by a third party. Please contact our Business Solutions Team for more information

JT is proud to provide customers with Cisco Support Services to protect all Cisco equipment, including JT Business Broadband routers. 

SDSL - Product Description


For more information on JT Business Broadband, call our Business Solutions team on 01534 882345.

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