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Connections that keep your business going

Cabling infrastructure connects your voice and data systems together, no business or network can operate without one, and your business is put under direct strain if it isn’t maintained to its maximum potential. 

Trust JT structured cabling with your critical networks

Everything you do online, every voice or video call you make, is carried by your cabling infrastructure. So when it’s put under strain, it puts everything at risk.

Over time, additions and alterations can affect your network’s  performance. Leading to  increased downtime, extra expense and reduced productivity.

The answer is JT structured cabling solutions. In partnership wth CommScope ® , JT structured cabling uses SYSTIMAX ® cabling products to create high performance, flexible cable networks you can rely on. The SYSTIMAX product line is a leader in the industry for performance and reliability with innovative solutions designed to address the highest priority and most critical global enterprise infrastructure needs. The SYSTIMAX portfolio of fiber, copper and network infrastructure offerings include the industry-leading SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D Solution and the intelligence-based SYSTIMAX iPatch Solution. CommScopes SYSTIMAX products also offer specialized solutions to address the unique needs of intelligent building infrastructure and data center environments. We believe the success of the SYSTIMAX product portfolio has made it the most widely-used and recognized Structured Cabling brand in the world.

Invest in the best structured cabling solutions

JT structured cabling and CommScope provide an infrastructure solution that offers readiness and investment protection. The result? Reduced costs and an improved bottom line, that allows you to realise your full network potential.

Connecting the world's physical layer infrastructure requires a range of solutions for varying degrees of performance and affordability. CommScope Enterprise Solutions develops network infrastructure solutions for any and every need. When an enterprise customer needs high-performance network infrastructure solutions, real-world capabilities can make the difference between business success and failure. Highly advanced SYSTIMAX solutions give enterprise executives and IT managers plenty to tackle mission-critical, high bandwidth and emerging applications. Thanks to their built-in-intelligence, world-leading performance and superior reliability, backed up by a 20-year warranty, SYSTIMAX solutions help enterprise customers take advantage of business opportunities that affect profitability — today and for years to come.

Safe, Reliable and Trustworthy

JT structured cabling enables scalable bandwidth, optimises hardware and balances the performance of your  network with the performance of client PCs and network servers. Providing a cabling infrastructure that forms a strong, reliable and safe link between all your company communications.

JT structured cabling solutions are implemented and managed by  experienced  professionals trained to standards over and above the requirements of the industry and other cable service providers.

No job is too large, or too small, with even last minute requests receiving the same best in class service.

For more information on JT Structured Cabling, call the Business Solutions team on 01534 882345.

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