Lightning fast JT Fibre Broadband at your fingertips

If you want to see what fibre can really do, why not increase your speed to one of our new lightning fast JT Fibre Broadband services.

Go FAST with 50Mb for £29.99 per month

50Mb JT Fibre is 25 times faster than 2Mb broadband. That means you can  now download a 2-hour HD film in just 10 minutes, saving you about 4 hours of waiting. You can download a song in seconds and upload a photo in even less time. 

50Mb JT Fibre is perfect for homes with multiple users on multiple devices.  Everyone in your home will be able to do what they want online, all at the same time and without interruption.

With faster download speeds at a great value monthly price, 50Mb is the ideal plan for you and your family to experience Fibre.

Download: 50 Mbit/s 
Upload : 1 Mbit/s
Monthly usage: 80GB  

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1GB fibre broadband

Go FASTER with 100Mb for £44.99 per month

If you want a JT Fibre service that is fast enough to download HD films, stream catch up TV, game online, upload photos, download music and chat non-stop all simultaneously without buffering or interruption, then 100Mb is the ideal plan for you.

Download: 100 Mbit/s 
Upload : 20 Mbit/s
Monthly usage: 100GB 

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Be the FASTEST with 1Gb for £59.99 per month100Mbfibre broadband

This is our ULTIMATE JT Fibre plan, making it the fastest available in the British Isles. Choose it now and future proof your online world. 

Download: 1 Gbit/s 
Upload : 100 Mbit/s
Monthly usage: 100GB  

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2, 4, and 8Mb are also availabe on the new Fibre network at the same monthly price.  
Get a smooth, stable and superior Broadband service from JT.

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 The JT Fibre plan guide contains further information on all plans.

Please note: 
All prices are based on an 12-month contract. 
40:1 Contention ratio (the maximum number of account holders sharing a line) applies to all JT Fibre Broadband services. 
Points of reference for broadband speed changes and contract renewals.
*Based on a 2GB film file and a 4MB song file 

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