Your Coreline. Your call.

Choose the JT Coreline tariff that’s right for you.

Choose the JT Coreline plan that’s right for you.

How do you use your landline?

If it’s just for a natter with family and friends, try our entry level plan, JT Coreline at just £13.50 per month.

But if you make a lot of international calls, then JT Coreline 15 at £15.10 per month is probably more your thing; 15 of the most popular overseas call destinations for just 5p per minute, any time.

Now calling mobiles doesn't have to be expensive.

You can’t always catch people on their landline. We understand that, which is why we’ve come up with two new JT Coreline bundles to add to your JT Coreline or JT Coreline International 15 plan:

JT Coreline Mobile Talk costs just £4.00 per month and gives you 1,000 minutes to local mobile numbers. Or for just £10.00 per month, JT Coreline Super Talk offers 2,000 minutes to all local mobiles and landlines.

Alternatively if you have friends or family in the UK why not add JT Coreline National Talk bundle and enjoy 1,000 minutes to UK landline and mobile numbers for just £5 per month.

So now you can chat, chinwag and chew the fat for hours without worrying for a second about the bill.

Plan Monthly RentalCall Charges
Choose a landline rental 
Coreline £13.50 0p per minute (7p connection charge applies)
International 15 £15.10

5p per minute to 15 popular
international destinations*

Then add a Talk bundle
Mobile Talk £4.00 1,000 minutes to all local
mobile numbers
National Talk £5.00 1,000 minutes to UK landline and mobile numbers
Super Talk £10.00 2,000 minutes to all local mobile
and landline numbers

*Countries include Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Madeira, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Italy, Poland, USA, Canada, Netherlands &  France

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Download the complete Home Services Guide for information about all JT's home services.



Please note:
There will be a £52.60 connection charge for new landline connections.
Coreline Super Talk bundle minutes are shared across both calls to local mobiles and landlines. 
Local landline calls are only to numbers beginning 01534.
Local mobiles call are to 07797, 07700 and 07829.
These bundles are only available with Coreline and not with any other plan.
All prices exclude GST which will be added at time of billing.
A 12-month contract will apply to new connections and service take overs.
A reasonable use policy applies to all JT landline plans.


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