Other landline plans


Other landline plan information

Our home phone plans let you pick and choose elements to suit the way you use your phone.
Coreline plus plans
Monthly landline rental
Coreline & Talk 100 £17.77
Coreline & Talk 100 & International 15 £19.37
Coreline & Talk 250 £22.05
Coreline & Talk 250 & International 15 £23.65
Coreline & Talk Unlimited £26.31
Coreline & Talk Unlimited & International 15 £27.91


GST will be added at the time of billing.

A minimum of 7p applies to all chargeable calls.

The standard ‘times of day’ that apply to all calls charges are defined as follows:

  • Daytime is from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.
  • Evening is from 18:00 to 08:00 Monday to Friday.
  • Weekend rates are all day Saturday and Sunday.


All our packages are billed on a monthly basis, except PrimeTalk which is billed quarterly. If you are an existing customer who currently receives a quarterly bill and you change to any of the new packages detailed above, with the exception of PrimeTalk, you will automatically be transferred to monthly billing.

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