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The Jersey Directory Recycling campaign

We feel it is our responsibility to take care of the disposal of our telephone directories and the Jersey Directory Recycling campaign has been running for 20 years. Every year collection points are set up in schools, supermarkets and Parish Halls making it as easy as possible for the public to access a suitable point. The directories are then shipped to the UK to be made into various recycled products.

JT have a contract with Jersey Post to co-ordinate the distribution of directories to all the residential and business address’ in Jersey.

They have also agreed to collecting recycled directories from our drop off points across the Island, including Co-op Grande Marche in St Helier and St Peter, their own Jersey Post branches, Parish Halls 

Books for Tablets Primary School Recycling campaign.

This year’s 'Books for Tablets' campaign runs from the 4th April to 30th May 2017. The initiative is designed to help teach pupils about the importance of recycling whilst promoting the digital future. For every 150 directories collected, JT will provide a school with a new tablet. 

A total of 25 local Primary schools are taking part in year's campaign they include:

D'Auvergne School St Martin's School
First Tower School St Mary's School
Janvrin School St Peter's School
Rouge Bouillon School St Saviour's School
Grands Vaux School JC Prep
Plat Douet School Beaulieu Primary
St Luke's School De La Salle College Primary
St Clement's School Helvetia House School
Bel Royal School St George's Preparatory
St Lawrence School St Michael's Preparatory
Mont Nicolle School St Christopher's Preparatory

Grouville School

Samares School 

Mont A l'Abbe School 




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