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The Jersey Directory Recycling campaign

We feel it is our responsibility to take care of the disposal of our telephone directories and the Jersey Directory Recycling campaign has been running for 20 years. Every year collection points are set up in schools, supermarkets and Parish Halls making it as easy as possible for the public to access a suitable point. The directories are then shipped to the UK to be made into various recycled products.

We also run the 'Books for Tablets' campaign as an additional incentive for local schools. For every 150 directories collected, JT will provide the school with a new tablet and the school that collects the most directories wins a chance for one of their teaching groups to attend an exciting Digital Workshop at Digital Jersey.

Recycle your old telephone directory - help us to keep Jersey Green!

Our 2016 recycling campaign has now closed. We do still offer a recycling point at the Household Recycle Centre - Gate 4, Bellozane for you to safely dispose of any old telephone directories. Thank you in advance for your support.

The 2016 telephone directory

The distribution of the 2016 telephone directory is now complete, additional directories are available for collection from the JT Shop on Queen Street.



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