Important Billing Information

We are introducing some important changes to the way our customers receive and pay their bills.

We're making it easy for you to manage all your bills online. This not only saves paper but time and money too.

Our easy to use online portal allows you to keep an eye on everything that’s going on in your account including the ability to view your usage and how much it costs, create reports, bill summaries and much more. 

We offer a variety of online billing options to suit your lifestyle. 

Ways to receive your bill:
From 28th April we will be introducing a £1.25 charge for customers who still wish to receive a paper bill.

Save time, money and the environment by switching to paperless billing today.
• To continue to receive your bill for FREE, we strongly recommend you opt in to receiving your bill via email.
• We will email your bill at no charge and you can also view your bill through our online billing portal or via our mobile app.

Itemised billing: If you recive a paper bill and would like full itemisation each month there is a charge or £3.00. If you have paperless billing and manage your bill online, you can view a full itemisation each month completely FREE of charge. 

Online Billing Portal

Download the iOS App now     

Download the Android App now

To opt in to online billing, simply email us via the link below with the full name on your account, account number, telephone number and the email address you would like us to send your bill to. 

Opt-In to Online Billing 

Ways to pay your bill:
From 28th April 2017 we will be introducing a £1.25 charge for customers who do not pay by Direct Debit.

Paying by Direct Debit is simple to set up, plus it will save you time and money.
• If you do not already pay by Direct Debit, simply download, fill out and return the form below, or pop in store.

Download JT Direct Debit Form

Why are we introducing these changes:
The introduction of these changes reflects a number of factors; including the increased costs incurred in the administration of these services and, importantly, the environmental impact.

In order to avoid paying these charges, please download the Direct Debit form and return it no later than Tuesday 25th April 2017. Alternatively, you can scan and email it to

If we don’t hear from you, the charges will automatically come into effect from 28th April 2017.

If you have any questions, please call 882882 and press option 2 and then 4.

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