Jersey/Guernsey - JT launches the first ever pan CI phone directory

JT is launching the first ever Channel Island telephone directory, firmly establishing the JT Group’s position as the Channel Islands leading telecoms provider. 

The innovative 2012 JT Directory will now contain all publicly available numbers that are listed across the Channel Islands, as well as all businesses wishing to advertise in the yellow pages.   

Jersey numbers will start from one side, and those based in the Bailiwick of Guernsey will start from the other and the Directory will feature two different front cover photos (one on each side) showcasing JT’s activities in the Community. Both have been specifically chosen to celebrate JT's support for popular, local community events; one side of the JT Directory will feature Jersey Live, with the reverse side showing the popular community Skate event which took place in Guernsey over the Christmas period and was supported by JT. 

With 95,000 copies the new JT Directory will become the biggest printed annual publication in the Channel Islands and available to all homes and businesses from May.  The JT Directory will also include the popular yellow pages section, but for the first time readers will be able see business listings across both Islands (also separated by island) therefore providing businesses with a much wider audience to promote their products and services to, at no extra cost. 

The CI Directory works in conjunction with a successful and established annual recycling campaign run by JT.  This campaign encourages people in both islands to recycle as many copies as possible of the previous year's Directory.   As a registered Eco-Active business, JT take responsibility for integrating recycling into their daily operations and has recently submitted an entry to the Jersey Enterprise awards for their efforts in Environmental Responsibility. 

"As a company with successful operations across the Channel Islands, we fully understand what makes them different, but also what unites them", says Barna Kutvolgyi, MD – Global Consumer Business Unit. “Offering the FIRST pan island JT Directory is just one example of this.  We firmly believe in the opportunity that enabling the Islands to 'Join Together' delivers some real and tangible benefits for the local communities. ".

"JT has a long and successful track record of investment and support of our customers’, and we are delighted to be able to take that a stage further with this JT Directory. There are so many ties between people across the Channel Islands, whether it is on a professional or a personal level, we thought it made perfect sense to enable Islanders to look up phone numbers, and other important local information, irrespective of which Island they lived in".