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Important Information

The JT My Top Up portal is changing soon...

Why is it changing?
We're always looking to improve our online services to make them quick and easy to use, which is why we're improving our site.
A preview of the new site is shown below.

What are the benefits?
- Topping up is quicker.
- There’s no need to log in, simply type in your mobile number.
- New and improved design clearly shows bonus usage with each top up amount. 
- Optimised to display better on your Smartphone.
- Safe and secure online top ups.

Do I need to do anything?
No, simply enjoy using the improved site when it launches.

Want even more FREE mobile data?
Simply start topping up using our app and you'll get up to 10 times more data for FREE on the Island's fastest network.

We hope you enjoy using the new JT My Top Up portal.

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