JT Business Continuity Services

Carry on trading, whatever happens

The JT Business Continuity facilities provide everything that your company will need to continue working and trading through periods of unexpected disruption to your existing premises. 


What if fire or a natural disaster forced you out of your premises? With JT Business Continuity, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Our facilities provide everything you need to keep on doing business through periods of unexpected disruption, including all your business critical data and network services. All seamlessly transferred the JT Business Continuity centre so your customers don’t notice a thing.

JT Business Continuity services

  • Resilient communications network.
  • Shared and dedicated office suites.  
  • Direct dial telephone connections mapped to your existing number range.
  • Desks equipped with PCs and telephones.
  • Fax machines.  
  • Access to all JT data services.
  • Expert advice from our dedicated JT Business Continuity Manager.
  • Televisions with Sky connection in all suites.
  • Variety of power back-up systems.

For more information on JT Business Continuity Services, call our Business Solutions team on 01534 882345.

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