Getting started

To start using the service, simply dial 171 from your mobile and follow the instructions.
You’ll be asked to set a personal greeting, record your name and a numerical security
password*. Once complete your Message Manager is ready for use.

Diverting your calls

Use the call diversion menu on your mobile to turn diverts on or off. For more
information on diverting calls please refer to your mobile handset user guide.

Accessing your Message Manager service

You can call your Message Manager in order to listen to messages in a number of ways.

  • If calling from your mobile within the Channel Islands, dial the short code 171 or
    01534 555555. This automatically logs you into your Message Manager mailbox.
  • If calling from a landline dial 01534 555555. You will then be prompted to add your mobile number and your security password.
  • If you have a dedicated voicemail number, simply call that number. If calling from your mobile you will be automatically logged on. If calling from a landline simply dial *Password#
    New messages will then be automatically played back.

Dedicated Voicemail Number

If you would like to set up dedicated voicemail number, so you can access your voicemail abroad, please call the Business Solutions team on 01534 882345.

Please note:
When you dial 171 for the first time, it should welcome you to the service and invite you to follow the set up procedure. If it asks for a mobile number to send a message to, you will need to have your voicemail profile activated. To have your service activated please call our Mobile Services Team on 01534 882882.

Voicemail retrieval is a chargeable service and not included within your bundled allowance. When dialling 171 or 01534 555555 you will be charged as per our published rates.

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