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We know nothing’s more annoying than waiting ages for a website to load because the whole family’s on the Internet.

So we’ve introduced our new superfast up to 20Mb JT Home Broadband for everyone to make short work of even the heaviest online demand.

Up to 20Mb   Our up to 20Mb entry JT Home Broadband service is ideal for families with low monthly data usage.

- 20GB monthly daytime usage.
- Up to 736 kbit/s upload speed.

£37.49 a month.

(price includes JT landline rental) 

  For families who are data hungry our up to 20Mb JT Home Broadband service with 100GB monthly daytime usage is ideal.

- 100GB monthly daytime usage.
- Up to 736 kbit/s upload speed.

£42.49 a month.

(price includes JT landline rental) 

Please note there will be a one off £50.00 connection charge for all new customers and for transfer of service.
From 18th May 2018 the broadband rental prices above will be increasing by £1.26 per month.

Monitor your usage

Our ‘JT My Account’ mobile app gives you the freedom to manage your account on the go. Track your landline, mobile and broadband usage, set up usage alerts, apply usage bolt-ons and view your monthly bills. 

You can download the app by searching for ‘JT My Account’ in the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store and download the App to your device. Sign in using your online billing username and password. 

Need more usage?

If you would like to increase your monthly usage, either permanently or for just a short period, why not add one of our additional usage bundles from the table below.

Additional data usage per month

Additional cost per month

50GB £5.00
100GB £10.00
200GB £15.00

To add a data bundle to your Broadband plan simply complete this form.

NEW automatic usage control 

We understand that sometimes you can accidentially go over your inclusive monthly data broadband allowance, which is why we have introduced a new service called ‘automatic usage control’. The key benefits of this are:

  • Staying in control of your usage
  • Saving money if you accidentally go over your inclusive monthly data broadband allowance

This new service will help you manage your broadband usage, so should you exceed your inclusive monthly data broadband allowance, we will automatically give you extra FREE data to help you stay in control of your spend.  Here’s how it works: 

  • Additional broadband usage, outside of your inclusive monthly data broadband allowance and any current bolt-ons, is charged at 30p per GB up to £5
  • Once you have spent £5 on broadband usage we will apply the new automatic usage control
  • This then gives you additional FREE data of up to 50GB
  • This additional data will last for 30 days AND can be carried over to your next billing month if you don’t use it. 

So now you’ll only be charged £5 for 50GB of additional usage, saving you money. 

Or why not consider combining all your home services into one great value plan and save money with JT One?

Internet Parental Controls

Keeping your children safe online is a priority for all parents. We also take children's safety online very seriously which is why we recommend Haandle to help you manage your child’s internet usage inside and outside the home by putting you in control of their Wi-Fi and mobile data usage. Find out more and buy now.

We have also produced a handy Internet Safety tips booklet for parents.  

Check out our home services guide or pick one up in store today.

A list of ADSL modems / routers that are currently recommended for use with JT's exchange equipment (DSLAM’s) is available in our ADSL2+ modem/router compatibility sheet.

Please note: A landline needs to be in place for a broadband service to be ordered.
JT Home Broadband service speeds are "up to 20Mb".
All prices are based on a 12-month contract. 24 month contracts are also available with your choice of either a free wireless router or free connection (if required).
50:1 Contention ratio (the maximum number of services sharing a line) applies to all JT home broadband services. 
Daytime usage is during the hours of 8am and midnight.  Usage is UNLIMITED during the hours of midnight and 8am.
Additional usage outside of the daytime allowance is charged at 30p per GB.
Points of reference for broadband speed changes and contract renewals.

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