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JT M2M Solutions

For detailed information about M2M solutions offered by JT, or access to the JTM2M SIM management portal please visit www.jtm2m.com

At JT we have developed three distinct and compelling Machine-2-Machine products, designed specifically to tackle the challenges we have observed in the M2M marketplace.  

We offer the expertise and technological resources you expect from an MNO, with the agility and personal service that you might not...

Click through the products below for more information, click here for an overview of our M2M services or Contact our M2M Team directly for more information.

JT Resilience

  • Unrivalled quad-operator global network coverage.  
  • Intelligent applet driven network switching.
  • Full self service platform connectivity.

JT Connect

  • Fully loaded M2M platform and API stack.
  • Take advantage of JT's 420+ roaming partners.
  • Go global or limit to particular markets.

JT M2M Wholesale

  • Connect to JT and do-it-yourself.
  • Fully flexible range of integration principles.
  • Use our expertise to form your product.