Generations Code Together – Jersey

  • National Coding Week 2019

    Breaking new ground:
    3 Classes, 2 People, 1 Sphero

Generations Code Together

At JT we recognise that today’s young students are tomorrow’s digital leaders. In school they learn the skills needed to advance technologically, creatively, and socially, for them it’s second nature having grown up with the internet, smart phones and coding classes. However, many adults have not had the same opportunities and can feel a little left behind.

We’d like to help unravel some of the mystery of coding and give adults the opportunity to learn some digital skills in a friendly jargon free environment, together with their very own future digital leader.

To coincide with National Coding Week (NCW) sponsored by JT, 16 – 20 September 2019, we have partnered with Colin King, a Mentor at Jersey Coders to bring the generations together in a one-off fun introduction class to coding.

Generations Code together – a fun and interactive introduction to coding.

JT will run 2 FREE events designed for pairs, adult and child (8 – 13yrs) which will provide an insight into coding, programming and gaming, giving parents, grandparents, god parents the opportunity to team up with their child to build a programme, together. Each generation sharing their different skill sets.

When & Where


Digital Jersey Hub (Google Maps)

Tuesday 17th September



Digital Jersey Exchange (Google Maps)

Thursday 19th September


What to bring

Each pair must bring with them an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Access and permissions to the Google Play Store or App Store will be required for app installation.

What you will learn

Colin King has been a lead mentor at the Jersey Coder Club since its inception in 2014, tutored people of all ages and worked within the digital and technical Industry for over 20 years.

Colin has devised an easy but exciting session, with step by step guides to help you throughout. Each pair will be provided with a Sphero BOLT, which is an app-enabled robotic ball. Over the 2-hour session you will learn how to programme the robot and successfully complete a series of challenges which may include, navigation, image recognition, and direct interaction between the Spheros.

How to sign up for a place