Customer Satisfaction Results

  • JT Customer Satisfaction survey results

We are committed to listening to our customers and therefore to continually improving the products and services we provide. So, this is why for the last 7 years we have conducted independent research to gain your views and feedback on various aspects of our service.

This survey is carried out quarterly. We use an independent local Market Research company, ‘Island Global Research’. The research looks at the performance of JT as well as several other local service providers. We use this information to listen, learn and improve the products and services we offer you.

Historical data

  • The chart below shows how you have rated your satisfaction with JT’s customer service over the last 4 years.
  • We are reviewing this latest insight closely. And, thus are working hard to deliver further improvements for our customers.

Customer Satisfaction











On a rolling scale, over 84% of people who took part in the survey in Jersey said they are either satisfied or very satisfied.

Jersey Brand Satisfaction Trend (5-point satisfaction scale) average base (total): JT (187)
Source: Island Global Research – June 24th – 16th July 2019.

We hope that by publishing this data we can help customers make an informed decision on which telecoms provider to choose. The update from our next survey will be published in December 2019. We value your custom and have set out in our Customer Promises exactly what you can expect from JT, click here to view.