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Wi-Fi Privacy Policy

  • The Service contains a “Privacy Mode” (available from within the Plume HomePass App or by calling us) which allows you to limit the amount of information which will be passed to the Plume servers for evaluation. This also means, however, that you will lose access to most of the Service’s important security features (such as ad blocking and content filtering). If you chose this mode, we would advise you to ensure that your security needs are adequately met through other methods.

  • You have the right to be forgotten. Please email JT ( to request that we clear your data history related to use of the Service.

  • We can send you all data logs related to the Service. Please email your request to JT Support ( and we will arrange for them to be supplied to you within thirty (30) working days.

  • Your personal data stays personal. All collection and use of personal data is subject to a Privacy Policy available at together with the additional terms in relation to Plume’s processing of personal information set forth below.

  • The Service uses advanced technology to analyse data with the sole purpose of improving your experience and protecting you online.

  • Details of which sites you consult are never recorded by the Service. However, our security features will block potentially malicious sites and the names of these sites, if blocked, will be made visible to you within the Plume HomePass App. This information is not available to JT.

  • Access to your data is restricted to Plume and JT employees on a need-to-know basis and subject to strict access controls. Our employees only see your data in order to improve your experience, such as to assist you on a customer support call, and only after asking your permission first.

Processing of Personal Information by Plume

JT (Jersey) Limited and JT (Guernsey) Limited (“JT”) have partnered with Plume Design Inc. (“Plume”) to provide you with a revolutionary Smart Home System and related products and services (“the Services”) based on the Plume HomePass service. This notice explains how your Personal Information is processed by Plume.

  1. Processing of your Personal Information by Plume on behalf of JT

    When you purchase a Plume product from JT, Plume will process Personal Information about you (and other users connected to your Wi-Fi network) on behalf of JT, so that JT can provide you with the Services. This means that Plume acts as a “data processor” on behalf of JT, who acts as a “data controller” in the context of the Services. For more information on the processing of your Personal Information by Plume on behalf of JT, please refer to JT’s privacy policy.

  2. Processing of your Personal Information by Plume for Plume’s purposes

    Plume may also process some Personal Information about you for Plume’s product development and internal analytics purposes based on its legitimate interests. This includes monitoring the use of the Services to analyse, troubleshoot, protect, improve and further develop the Services, and de-identifying usage information to create statistical analysis and aggregated reports to identify trends. This means that Plume acts as a “data controller” for these specific purposes.

    In that context, Plume may process different categories of technical information about your use of the Services collected via automated means, including:

    • Information about connected devices. This information includes the type of device in use, operating system version, along with attributes gleaned from its network metadata including (but not limited to) its dynamic host configuration protocol (“DHCP”) fingerprint, hypertext transfer protocol (“HTTP”) user agent information, UPnP and mDNS discovery information, a sampling of domain name system (“DNS”) requests, device hostname, the nickname given to the device and the unique addresses of the device.

    • Network topology map. This information depicts the connections between client devices in use and the Plume network access points serving Wi-Fi.

    • Network and connectivity status. This information indicates the networking addresses of the devices and system used to communicate with Plume and the Internet along with the operating statistics of the Wi-Fi and Internet connections.

    • Data consumption from devices in use, the Internet and Plume system interfaces. This information includes the current and historical data of transfer speeds and data amount consumed.

    • Plume Services statistics and logs. Plume collects certain information to create statistics and optimize the Services. Such information includes Internet protocol (“IP”) address, JT network speeds and outages, Wi-Fi operating environment, mobility of devices within Plume, and Plume HomePass App usage stats (e.g., number of features used or screen views). Plume also collects log information such as messages from the Plume pods regarding Plume connected devices, device inventory data, and software and hardware versions.

    • Safety controls and Internet security features. Safety controls and Internet security features require the monitoring of device network traffic like source and destination traffic headers, IP addresses, ports, size and counts of transferred bytes and packets, applications consumed and DNS requests.

    • Motion at home. Plume collects information regarding disruptions in Wi-Fi waves in the periphery of Plume network access points and devices connected to the Plume network to provide visuals of the live motion and motion history in the user’s home.

    • Digital wellbeing related features. Digital wellbeing requires collection of device network traffic metadata about time spent online using various Internet applications.

    • Crash reports. Plume collects crash reports for both the Plume Software and the Plume App. These reports can include information such as the type of crash, the software version that is running and the operating system version of the device running the Plume App.

In addition, Plume or JT may use your Personal Information to comply with its legal obligations, including, where applicable, to prevent, investigate and/or report security incidents, crime, fraud or misrepresentation, all in accordance with applicable law, as well as to comply with applicable laws and protect its business interests and legal rights in connection with legal claims, compliance, regulatory and investigative purposes.

For more information on how Plume discloses users’ Personal Information or transfers it to another country, your data protection rights and how you can exercise them, or for how long Plume keeps your Personal Information, please see Plume’s privacy policy available at:

Capitalized terms used, but not defined in this notice are defined in Plume’s privacy policy.

If you have questions or comments about this notice or Plume’s privacy practices, please contact Plume at or at:

Plume Design, Inc.
290 South California Avenue
Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94306
United States of America

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