Total Wi-Fi Terms of Reference

JT Total Wi-Fi: Powered by Plume HomePass®
Terms of Reference for all users

  1. The following terms of reference are in addition to and must be read in conjunction with the JT Data Service Terms and Conditions, available at

  2. Unless otherwise specified, terms used in these terms of reference have the same meaning as defined in JT’s Data Service Terms and Conditions.

  3. The Service is based on the functionality offered by the broadband service provided by JT (Jersey) Limited or JT (Guernsey) Limited (as applicable) (“JT”) together with the cloud-based service (the “Plume Cloud Services”) provided by Plume Design Inc. (“Plume”). As a Plume Partner, JT provides you with Plume’s HomePass membership subscription (“HomePass Membership”), which is required to use the Plume Cloud Services, subject to these terms of reference. By using the Service, you accept these terms of reference and those relating to HomePass Membership which are available through the link on the Plume App or else directly from the Plume website at:

  4. A monthly fee is payable to cover provision and use of the equipment (the “SuperPods”) and access to the Service (the “Service Charge”). On a promotional basis, this monthly fee may be charged for multiple monthly periods in advance (e.g. one- or two-year periods) in which case these terms apply for that complete period.

  5. The Service is provided only to JT broadband customers in the Channel Islands for a Minimum Contract Period (“MCP”) of twenty-four (24) months. If you terminate your subscription to the Service within this twenty-four (24) month MCP (other than within the first three months as described in paragraph 7 below), you will be liable to pay a sum equal to the Service Charge which would have been payable to JT for the balance of the MCP. Following the expiry of the MCP, the Service shall continue until terminated by either party by giving the other notice not less than one (1) calendar month.

  6. The SuperPods remain the property of JT and must be returned to JT on termination of the Service for whatever reason. If the SuperPods are not returned or are found to be damaged when returned, JT will charge you £60 (plus GST if applicable) for each SuperPod concerned.

  7. The Service is designed to improve the coverage of Wi-Fi in your home and give you access to additional security and control features. If, within the first three (3) months of the MCP, you do not experience this improvement or decide not to continue to use the Service for any reason, you can cancel the Service at any time within the first three (3) months provided that you must return the SuperPods to JT in their original packaging before that three (3) month limit expires. JT will refund you any payment made for the Service up to that point. If you do not return the SuperPods in that time, we will assume that you have not cancelled the Service and are therefore committed to the MCP.

  8. The JT Total Wi-Fi Service “Starter Pack” includes two (2) Plume SuperPods, one (1) of which you should plug into your JT (or other) router and the other can be placed anywhere in your home to provide additional coverage.

  9. For most homes, two (2) SuperPods will be more than adequate. Larger homes or those with extensions or conversions may need a third SuperPod (or more), which are available only from JT for an additional monthly fee. Due to variations in construction materials and building layout, JT cannot guarantee Wi-Fi coverage in all situations although most can be resolved with additional SuperPods or by the use of additional internal cabling (which JT can supply at an additional cost).

  10. The Service is not suitable for outside use nor for outbuildings requiring coverage if these are not immediately adjacent to the main home, unless you can connect these back into your home network via a suitable ethernet cable and ensure the SuperPods do not come into contact with damp.

  11. JT will repair or replace a faulty SuperPod free of charge as long as you continue to subscribe to the Service and provided that the faulty SuperPod has not been damaged either physically (such as, but not limited to, obvious damage to the casing) or internally (such as, but not limited to, water ingress). If a replacement is required because of such damage or loss (for whatever reason), JT will apply a £60 (plus GST if applicable) charge for that replacement.

  12. The Service is designed specifically for customers to install themselves, guided though every step by the Plume HomePass App with additional documentation provided on acquisition and available online. JT offers a separate “Wi-Fi Healthcheck” service where we can install the Service for you and give you advice in your home about how to get best use of the Service.

  13. Plume Guard (formerly known as AI Security)

    13.1. Plume Guard is the security service included with the Service.

    13.2. You are responsible for setting parental controls or any other controls available for each option within the Service and keeping them up to date according to the needs of your household. When parental controls are enabled (the default):

    a. we limit access to websites we (or our supplier) believe should be blocked because they may be unsafe or unsuitable to view or access based on the choices you’ve made (with regards to age profiles); and
    b. websites are sorted for blocking by our supplier. We are not responsible for categorising websites or for you always being able to go to websites which are not barred.

    13.3. You can black- and white-list any websites yourself from the Plume HomePass App to customise your security framework if the default choices provided are not suitable for you.
“Adapt”, “Guard”, “Control”, “Sense”, “HomePass”, “Plume”, “PowerPod” and “SuperPod” are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plume Design, Inc.

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