Meet the Thompson family



JT Fibre Meet the Thompsons- Ed


Ed is an active man and in great shape for his age. He thinks he’s down with the kids and is often found acting like one, but he’s not as ‘with it’ as he thinks.
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JT Fibre Meet the Thompsons- Rachel


Rachel is your typical happy mum, busy working weekends and taking care of the home. But she’s a bit of a dark horse: she’s got a black belt in judo and she’s fiercely competitive.
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JT Fibre Meet the Thompsons- Sherry


Well what can we say about Sherry? Think of a typical grandma sat in her cosy chair sipping a cup of tea. Now think the opposite. Sherry is ‘down with the kids’ and ‘living it large’. She has a large following on social media and is always keeping them up to date with her glam lifestyle.
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JT Fibre Meet the Thompsons- Erin


Independent, fearless, and fun, 19-year-old Erin is currently travelling across Europe before starting university. She’s actually thinking of skipping studying to become a yoga teacher, just don’t tell her Dad!
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JT Fibre Meet the Thompsons- Jack


Jack is your typical golden boy. He does his homework, reads books and tidies his room all without being asked. He’s learning French at the moment and his sister is getting a little sick of hearing about it.
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