Worldwide Broadband Speeds

  • Worldwide Broadband Speeds

    Worldwide Broadband Speeds


The latest study in 2019 reveals the following countries / locations to have the fastest broadband speeds.

#1: Tiawan

Taiwan comprises a mixture of broadband technologies, and broadband growth in terms of subscriber numbers has stalled. Speed increases are driven by mass migration from ADSL to fibre.

#2: Singapore

A vibrant digital economy and diminutive landmass offer Singapore significant advantages when it comes to infrastructural development and FTTP (pure fibre) availability.

#3: Jersey

Jersey is the first jurisdiction in the world to make pure fibre (FTTP) available to every broadband user. Jersey's shift from tenth to third shows that uptake has been healthy.

#4: Sweden

Sweden’s decision to focus on FTTP (pure fibre) means around 60% of Swedish homes and businesses now have access to speeds of up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps).

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