Employee Offer

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    Employee Offer

    Sign up and enjoy 100GB mobile data
    FREE for 24 months

Signing up to one of our great value complete home service plans has never been easier.

Plus as part of your exclusive employee offer enjoy 100GB mobile data per month per user for the whole family (up to 5 users) for 24 months.

* Mobile data bolt-on required. Excludes Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia. Up to four devices subject to credit check. Terms & Conditions apply.

Personalise your JT One:

Enjoy the flexibility to build the perfect package with our great range of bolt-ons. Plus you can upgrade your broadband to VDSL speeds of up to 100Mb/s. Click here for more information.

When coming into the store to sign up to this exclusive employee offer there are a few things you’ll need to bring with you:

 Your JT One employee offer flyer

 A form of your company’s I.D. (for example a business card or company pass card)

 Don’t forget to quote ‘Employee Offer’

You will also need to bring the following information and documents with you:

If you are already with JT

   Your account number

 Your current address

 A recent utility bill
If you are new to JT

 A copy of your latest Sure bill

 Proof of address

 Your bank details

  Photo I.D.


JT One 3 months free OR 100GB monthly data for 24 months
Promotion specific Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference are provided in addition to and must be read in conjunction with the JT One terms of reference. These are for JT (Guernsey) Limited (“JT”), which are available at www.jtglobal.com/guernsey. Unless otherwise specified, terms used in these Terms of Reference have the same meaning as defined in the JT One terms of reference.

1. This offer is available to a Customer of JT who:
a. Is an employee of a Guernsey business that has a JT account; and
b. Signs up to a JT One service via email or in the JT retail store in Guernsey.

2. A Customer signing up to the JT One service will receive, at the Customer’s choice,
a. The first three (3) months of that Customer’s JT One service for free (the “Free Service”); or
b. 100GB of free mobile data per month for the 24 months of that Customer’s JT One service (the “Free Data”).

3. This offer is only available to new and existing Customers of JT signing up for a JT One service, either by email or directly in JT’s retail store in Guernsey. As well as all documents required to sign up for the JT One service, the Customer must provide a valid ID to show that they are an employee of the relevant business.

4. If the Customer chooses to receive the Free Service, the Customer will receive the basic JT One service selected for free for three (3) months. Any additional upgrades or bolt-ons to the basic package selected by the Customer will not be included in the Free Service offer and will be charged at the standard rate.

5. If the Customer chooses to receive the Free Data, the 100GB data usage will apply to each mobile subscriber on the Customer’s JT account (up to a maximum of five (5) subscribers). Additional subscribers added to the Customer’s account during the first 24 months of the Customer’s JT One service shall each receive the 100GB monthly data allowance from the date such subscriber is added to the account until 24 months after the date the JT One service commenced.

6. If the Customer chooses to receive the Free Data, at the end of the 24 month period the Customer will continue to receive 100GB per subscriber per month charged at the standard rate. That is, unless the Customer advises JT that they wish to remove the data allowance or amend it to a different data allowance in respect of some or all of the subscribers on that Customer’s account. For the avoidance of doubt, the standard charge will be applied per subscriber on the Customer’s account. For example, if the standard charge for the 100GB data allowance is £30 per month and the Customer has five mobile subscribers on their account, then upon the expiry of the 24 month Free Data offer period the Customer will be charged £150 per month to continue receiving the 100GB data allowance per subscriber unless the Customer advises JT otherwise.

7. The offer is non-transferable and non-refundable and a Customer cannot receive cash, or an alternative item, in place of the Free Service or Free Data.

8. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotion offered by JT.