Easter Quiz

A Spring Trivia Quiz

With the help of a JT internet connection, your kids will have tons of fun finding all the answers to this fun quiz.


1. What is the 13th word you hear in ‘Baby Shark’?

2. What shape is hidden in the Fedex logo?

3. Which of these is NOT a type of pasta.
A – Bavette
B – Nocciole
C – Jtonelli
D -Farfalle

4. How many people are in the ring in a boxing match?

5. Which member of the Avengers has the initials C.B?

6. How many Toys are on the movie poster for Toy Story 4?

7. Write all the planets in our solar system, in alphabetical order.

8. Which one of these capital cities has the highest population?
A – London
B – Berlin
C – Toronto
D – Moscow

9. Name an animal that can talk.

10. What is the real name of the rapper that features on Justin Bieber’s baby?

11. Which of the following fruits contains potassium?
A – Apples
B – Bananas
C – Pears
D – Cantaloupes

12. What starts with ‘e’ and ends with ‘e’ but only has one letter in it?

A small request from us – please supervise your children during their internet searches