Liberation Day History

Both Jersey and Guernsey are heaped full of WW2 history. When out walking the cliffs, you may have even spotted some old German bunkers leftover from the Occupation.

Put your children’s local knowledge to the test with our short Liberation Quiz.

(If they get stuck, they can use the links below to help find the answers)

  1. What year were Jersey and Guernsey liberated from the Occupation?
  2. Who was Prime Minister when the Islands were Liberated?
  3. Where was the Union Jack flag raised in Jersey on Liberation Day?
  4. What did Islanders replace salt with during the occupation?
  5. Who delivered food parcels to the Islands during the Occupation?
  6. What local song did Islanders sing at St Peter Port harbour when the Island was Liberated?
  7. What is the name of the book which has been made into a film written about life in Guernsey during the War?
  8. How many people in Jersey decided to evacuate to the British mainland?
  9. What was the colour of the flag raised by the defeated German soldiers?
  10. What time did the Prime Minister announce that the war was over?