Liberation Day Stories

We’ve teamed up with Lib 75, The Royal British Legion Jersey and some familiar faces in Guernsey to film some short videos about Liberation and how much it means to Islanders. We are proud to have been connecting our Islands for over 132 years and look forward keeping you connected during the Liberation 75 celebrations.

Mr Duckworth and Mrs Ashworth
The celebrations for Liberation 75 may look different this year, however local people are still taking the time to remember and celebrate together. Mrs Ashworth and war veteran Colin Duckworth are in isolation at the moment, but they are looking forward to a big party when all this is over. Hear what freedom means to them and how special they believe Channel Island spirit is.

Maureen St George and Fiona Woodrow
Eighty-seven-year-old Maureen St George was a teenager during the Occupation. She’s been sharing her memories from 75 years ago on May 9th in Liberation Square with Fiona Woodrow. This year’s celebrations look quite different, but Maureen will still be putting her flags up and looking forward to a big party in the future.

Maureen St George and Fiona Woodrow
The spirit of Jersey is really shining through at this time, just as it did during the Occupation. Maureen St George and Fiona Woodrow have been talking about how local people have been looking out for one another and helping each other out. One little girl gave Maureen a picture of a rainbow to put up in her window.

The Richardson Family
Four generations of the Richardson family have been celebrating Liberation Day online this year. Gran Dulcie Ahier was in Liberation Square 75 years ago, on May 9th 1945. She has been sharing her stories with her grandson Danny, his Nan Kathleen and great granddaughter Arya.

‘Sarnia Cherie’, Guernsey’s National Anthem, brought to you by the people of Guernsey.
This Liberation Day, although we may be apart, we wanted to bring our island together. We hope you enjoy ‘Sarnia Cherie’, Guernsey’s National Anthem, brought to you by the people of Guernsey this Liberation Day.
A big thank you to all of our essential workers and to those who kindly took part in the making this video happen. Special thanks also goes to Lydia Pugh for the composition and Apocalypse Studios Guernsey for the audio production.