With our Business roaming bundles you could save up to 85% on your call, text and data roaming charges

What is mobile roaming?

Mobile roaming is a system that allows yourf mobile phone to connect to another network when you’re abroad.

It’s certainly convenient. But it can be expensive – especially when it comes to accessing the internet to download fdata.

JT has all sorts of ways to help keep the cost of mobile roaming down, so you can enjoy your holiday and access all your usual mobile services without having to worry.

Data Services
Many of our operators offer data services. For a complete list of available partners please view our list of Roaming partners.

Mobile roaming bolt ons – save money when you’re abroad

If you’re planning a trip overseas, adding one of our easy mobile roaming bolt ons will help keep the costs down. 

View our Pay monthly roaming bolt ons

Avoid extra mobile roaming charges on data

Setting up your mobile for roaming
Please see the links below for information on how to set up your mobile for roaming when abroad.

Customer notice: 
With effect from the 4th November 2013, JT’s per minute call charges to receive calls whilst roaming will increase as follows:
- UK, 17p to 30p.
- EU, 25p to 30p.
- Rest of the World, 35p to 80p.
This change affects JT Pay monthly mobile customers.