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JT Community Giving

JT Community Giving was delighted to have helped over 120 local charities and community groups in its first year.

JT Community Giving offers not-for-profit organisations, charities, schools and registered community groups the opportunity to apply for a cash donation, tech support, raffle prize or volunteer requests from us. The aim of this is to give back and provide vital community support for our Islanders.

Our Criteria

Community Giving plays a very important part of JT’s Culture and Ethos and whilst we aim to support as many requests as possible, unfortunately we cannot support them all.

We have carefully set out an application criteria, that aligns to our own brand purpose and values, and aims to support community projects, initiatives and events that align to one or more of the below:

  1.  a local charity project that results in meaningful ‘give back’ to our community;
  2.  digital inclusivity or upskill events that support digital skills progression and opportunities for all, including small businesses, our ageing population and school children;
  3.  mental and physical health & well-being awareness; and
  4.  environmental improvement and/or a reduction in carbon emissions.

Our Criteria for Community Giving applications

Community Giving FAQs


Before starting the application, we ask that you read our full FAQs document to get a better understanding of the JT Community Giving purpose, criteria and deadlines associated with your request.

What information do I need to complete my application?

Once you have read and understood our FAQ’s, you will need the below information to hand in order to complete the Community Giving application:

  • information about your project, charity and request;
  • how much money/support you are applying for and what is will be used for;
  • your contact details; and
  • any further information you would like to supply in order to support your application.

Please be advised that you CANNOT save and return to the application process at a later date. So please do ensure you set aside the time to read and submit all details. If you have the information to hand, then the application should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Community Giving charity event

Looking for sponsorship of a commercial event or project?

JT Community Giving supports not-for-profit companies who provide vital support to our local community.
If you are looking for a Commercial Sponsorship, then please click here.