Make a change to your account or service

Make a change to your account or service

Moving Home - Fibre

Please take the router from your old property to your new property. Do not take the ONT (Genexis box).

Connect your router to the ONT at your new property as your home network details will remain the same.

At your old property:

  • Don’t touch or unplug anything from the ONT (Genexis box).
  • Unplug the ethernet cable from the grey WAN port on the router and leave it in your property. Please do not take this cable with you.
  • Turn off and unplug the power supply
  • Unplug any remaining cables from the router and take them with you (they’re likely to be yours)
  • Take your Tilgin router with you to your new property.

At your new property:

  • Plug in the ethernet cable which should come from the Genexis ONT (Port 1) into your router’s grey WAN Port. (It’s the same one that you left in your old property)
  • Plug in the power supply cable to your router and turn it on at the power socket.
  • Allow 5 minutes for your network to refresh.

Moving Home - Copper

Please take the router from your old property to your new property.

You will receive a notification by SMS and/or email from JT to advise you once your move of service request has been completed. All of your network and log-in credentials will be the same at your new property because you’ve taken your router with you.

Usage itemisation

If you’d like to view your usage activity in more detail, you can access usage itemisation on your JT My Account App or portal. You can choose which service, mobile, landline or broadband, you’d like to view for a specific billing period. You have the option to download an excel spreadsheet of the usage itemisation report to your device.

Request an engineer visit

In some cases, to get your services up and running, it requires an engineering visit.

For example, if the property you’re moving your services to is newly built or recently renovated it’s likely an engineer will be needed to connect the property to the main network.
As a guide, it takes on average 30 minutes to install a wired router and 60 minutes with a wireless router.

If your property doesn’t have a broadband connection at all, engineers will install a broadband ‘distribution point’ (DP) at the property and connect it to the main network from the roadside cabinet. This will be chargeable as a new service is being added to the core network.

If a service problem has been reported and an engineering visit is advised to resolve it, there will only be a charge incurred if the cause of the problem is found to be unrelated to JT’s equipment or network. Eg. If engineers visit a property to troubleshoot a broadband problem and they find that the cause of the fault is because of the internal electrical wiring in the property, the engineer’s time will be chargeable.

Any charges will be listed on your next bill after the engineering work has been completed.

Click here to request an engineer visit

Change my direct debit or billing date

The date that your bill is calculated determines the date which your direct debit is taken.

This table shows the bill and subsequent direct debit dates. If you’d like to change either your bill or direct debit date, please complete this form and we’ll make the necessary account level changes.

Bill dateDirect Debit Date
7th28th of the same month
10th5th of the following month
15th9th of the following month
21st11th of the following month

Take over an account

Please complete this form and our team will process the request for you. It can take up to 15 working days for us to make the changes at account level.

Alternatively, you can download and print the form here. You will then need to scan and email us the completed form to

Close account

Please complete this form and our team will process the request for you. It can take up to 15 working days for us to make the changes at account level.


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