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Service Announcements

Thursday 6th July – JT My Account Portal, JT My Account Mobile App, Pay-as-you-go top up service planned maintenance. 

We are undertaking some essential maintenance on our JT My Account Portal, our Pay-as-you-go top ups service and JT My Account mobile app.  This maintenance will involve the following:

- Between 03:00am and 06:00am Thursday morning the JT My Account portal, Pay-as-you-go top ups via our website will be unavailable.

- *#132* top-up and *#133# balance enquiry service will also be unavailable between 03:00am and 06:00am Thursday morning.

- The JT My Account mobile app will be available throughout but please be aware data will not be updated between 03:00am and 06:00am Thursday morning.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused and we have tried to schedule these works during lower usage periods in order to minimise disruption.