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The Future of Mobile Freedom with eSIM
Switching devices
Seamlessly switch between 2 numbers on 1 device
More secure than a traditional SIM
Eco friendly
Eco friendly

JT supports eSIMs in smartphones and tablets, offering you greater flexibility and a more secure service.

What's an eSIM?

An eSIM is a virtual SIM card that’s pre-installed on newer devices, which removes the need to insert a physical SIM. They work just like physical SIM cards by storing the data your device needs to use the JT network.

Why choose an eSIM?

  • Getting started is faster: It makes setting up a new device quicker and simpler, plus if you already have an account with us and want to switch to eSIM, you don’t have to come in store or wait for a SIM to arrive in the post.
  • Dual SIM functionality: As most of the smartphones that currently support eSIMs also retain their physical SIM card slots, you can enjoy having two numbers on one device, perfect for managing everyday life, as well as business.
  • Security and safety: Our eSIM services have robust security features, like advanced encryption and authentication, making smartphones more secure against fraud.
  • eSIMs are greener: No physical SIM card means no plastic, plus there’s no need for any postage and packaging.
What devices can I use eSIM with?

The following devices are compatible with eSIM:

  • All iPhone models from XS onwards (XS, 11, 12, SE 2020 etc).
  • All Google Pixel devices from Pixel 3 onwards (3, 3A, 4, 4A, 5 etc).
  • Many new Samsung devices (including S20, S21, Z Flip, Fold, Note).
  • New Oppo devices (including N2 Flip, Fine X5 & X5 Pro, Fine X3 Pro).
  • The Motorola Razr (2020) is eSIM only.
  • Our eSIMs are available for some cellular tablets.
If you're not sure if your device supports eSIM, please check its specifications with the manufacturer.


Can I keep my old number when swapping to a JT eSIM?

Yes! You can transfer your mobile number from a traditional SIM card to an eSIM and vice versa in the same way you would when changing from one mobile network to another.  

What is Dual SIM?

Dual SIM means that there are two SIM slots within the device – a physical SIM card and an eSIM. 

With a Dual SIM device you can have two phone numbers and two different plans on one device; ideal for switching between ‘personal’ and ‘work’ without needing to carry two devices around with you.  

You can have a Dual SIM device but only have one SIM card active. 

How do I get a JT eSIM?

JT eSIMs are available to existing JT customers with a pay monthly mobile plans or Pay As You Go plans. 

There are a number of ways you can get an eSIM.  

  • Pop into our retail store in the high street. 
  • Call 01534882882. 
  • If you’ve already got a physical SIM with a JT mobile plan you can submit this form and our team will get in touch with you.
  • If you’re new to JT and have selected an eSIM with your pay monthly plan you’ll be sent a scannable QR code and set-up instructions to the email address you provided us with. Scan your unique QR code and follow the ‘on device’ prompts. The information stored in it will allow us to add the eSIM to your device safely and securely. 
  • If you’re currently with another provider and would like to switch to JT to get an eSIM, please select eSIM if you’re signing up online or pop into the retail store and the team will help get you set-up.  

How do I set up an eSIM?

How do I set up an eSIM? 

The process of adding an eSIM will vary slightly depending on your device.  

You will need a Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection to download your eSIM. 

We will email you with your unique QR code and activation code. You will be advised separately of your confirmation code. Scan your QR code and follow the ‘on-device’ steps to download your eSIM. 

For more information select your device type from the list below: 

As part of the set up you’ll be given the option to assign a name to each line and also choose what lines are used by default for data and for calls and voice messages. These can be easily changed later if you change your mind by going to Settings > Mobile Data > Default Voice Line / Mobile Data. (Steps may vary depending on make and model). 

What should I do if my device is lost or stolen with an active eSIM?

If your phone with an active eSIM, is lost or stolen, it’s important to contact us and report it straight away. Call 01534882882 or live chat with us.

What should I do with my old physical SIM?

Please recycle in your plastic recycling.

Can I still use JT eSIM if I travel internationally?

Yes, you can use your eSIM in the same way you would a physical SIM. You can check what is included or any roaming charges by visiting our roaming calculator. 

Always check before you travel.

How do I get a replacement eSIM?

If you’re currently using a physical SIM in an eSIM compatible device and would like to move to an eSIM, or need a replacement for some reason, you can order a new or replacement eSIM by: Contacting our Team via Live chat, alternatively please pop into one of our Retail Stores.

Can I transfer my eSIM to my new phone?

Yes, if you already have eSIM with us you must first remove your eSIM from your current device while its connected to Wi-Fi, then you will be able to scan the same QR Code JT provided you on your new smartphone. 

Can I use an eSIM on my Smartwatch?

Not at this time, we are hoping to add this in future development.