Fibre Broadband

Guernsey Fibre
is coming

The future of broadband is coming

In line with the announcement of Guernsey’s community fibre project, fibre is coming to Guernsey, and we’re excited to be at the leading edge of it. With an estimated completion of the end of 2026, every home will be directly connected to the Island’s fibre broadband network.

JT have led the way with hyperfast fibre broadband services in the Channel Islands for over 10 years having already completed the full fibre role out in Jersey.

We have over 200 fibre connections in Guernsey already and will work closely alongside other local operators to utilise the infrastructure that’s already in place to reduce the disruption any work will cause.

Make sure you’re one of the first to enjoy some of our fantastic fibre offers, exclusively with the Channels Islands most experienced fibre network provider.

Hyperfast fibre for everyone, everywhere

Buckle up as we’ll be giving you speeds of up to 50 times faster than you receive today*. This coupled with our wealth of experience in building one of the fastest full fibre networks in the world, means you’ll never look back. Fibre broadband opens up a whole new world of online possibilities with your imagination being the only limit.

Guernsey Fibre

Guernsey Fibre - more streaming

More streaming, less buffering

Stream TV, sport and movies on multiple devices at once. No arguing. No waiting. No buffering. Just endless entertainment.

Powering the local economy together

Guernsey Fibre is crucial to the island’s economy and we are proud to be an integral part of the rollout.

Together we will help digital businesses thrive and expand, meaning our customers can work seamlessly from anywhere, thanks to Guernsey Fibre.

Guernsey - Superfast Fibre for everyone

Guernsey Fibre - Working from home

Working Together

Big online meeting? No worries!

From super-reliable video calls to fast file uploads, Full Fibre always handles working from home. Even when the kids are online too.

Greener Together

As the trends for home working and less travel continues, we remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the Channel Islands in delivering a more sustainable future for us all. The amount of energy needed for fibre is so much less than traditional copper so not only will you be enjoying lightning-fast fibre broadband speeds, you’ll also be helping us help the environment.

Guernsey Fibre - Greener

Guernsey Fibre - Gaming

Gaming Together

Whether you’re playing online or downloading the latest title, Full Fibre gives you ultra-fast seamless gaming without it being game over.

Be a part of our pilot

If your property has been identified as eligible to join our pilot scheme, we will contact you directly very soon to see if you wish to participate. Please sign up to our newsletter for further information. Progress on the project will also be posted here so please check back regularly for updates.

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Why should I move to Fibre Broadband?

Fibre Broadband is delivered in a much more modern way using cables that are a lot less susceptible to interference or the elements, and enables much faster speeds than traditional cables, some of which have been in the ground for over 70 years.

What speeds are available with Fibre Broadband?

Since 2014, we have offered Fibre Broadband speeds of up to 1Gb (1,000Mb) on our own Fibre network and continue to offer a minimum speed of 500Mb for any customers who are in any of these areas. For any customers not on our own Fibre network, we will be providing a slight increase in your existing speed at no additional cost, when you are upgraded.

How much will it cost to move to Fibre Broadband?

If you’re in a Fibre-enabled area, there is no difference in monthly cost to our existing non-Fibre Broadband plans.

When will I be able to get Fibre Broadband?

The roll-out is planned to begin in April 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2026.

More information on what areas will be enabled first and island-wide target dates will be provided nearer to the launch date.

A pilot roll-out has begun on an invitation only basis in three specified areas. If you are eligible, we will be in contact. 

Can I get it any earlier?

Fibre Broadband is already available in a small number of areas through JT’s own Fibre Network visit here to see if you can get our Fibre Broadband service, starting at 500Mb speeds.

If you are not in any of these areas, you will need to wait until more information is provided about this island-wide roll-out. The project is expected to last until 2026 as there is a lot of work to do in order to connect all homes and businesses.  Sign up to our newsletter using the form above.

What do you need to do to enable Fibre Broadband in my home?

We’ll need to install a new Fibre box where your existing Broadband service is connected, which will require a small amount of new cabling to be installed. We will discuss this before commencing any work. We’ll also supply you with a new router that is capable of running at these new speeds.

What do I need to do to make the most of Fibre Broadband in my home?

We recommend you add JT Total Wi-Fi to your Broadband package, if you don’t already have it. JT Total Wi-Fi will ensure that you have the best possible Wi-Fi coverage within your home.

What do I need to do next?

If you sign-up to our Fibre Broadband newsletter, we’ll provide sign-up information as soon as it becomes available.

Why can’t I switch providers when moving from copper to fibre?

To ensure a simple and successful Pilot Phase launch, providers will only be able to upgrade their existing customers. We expect this to change by the start of 2022.

What happens when I’ve requested to move from copper to fibre?

Once you have completed your order, you will be contacted within a few days to arrange a survey visit, this is to ensure there are no unexpected complications when the service is installed. Upon completion of the survey, the engineer will arrange a convenient date to install the service.

Are there any service limitations at this time?

As the service is still in a Pilot Phase, we can only provide service to customers who do not have a higher than usual likelihood of needing to call the emergency services. Customers who use Piper Lifeline or have poor mobile coverage on all mobile networks are also unable to take part in the Pilot. During the early phase of the Pilot, no battery back-up will be available, so telephone calls will not be possible via your landline in the unlikely event of power outages.

I’m currently benefitting from 24 months of 40Mb speeds for the price of 20Mb, will this promotion be carried over if I migrate from copper to fibre?

Unfortunately, this offer is not transferrable, the closest equivalent service is 30Mb Fibre Broadband.

* 1,001Mbps average speed using Ookla Speed test app. Test conducted in August 2021.