Fibre Broadband

Guernsey Fibre

We have continued to grow our Fibre network over the last decade. Since 2014, we have provided our 1Gb Fibre Broadband service to select new developments on the island. Customers at these locations can experience regular download speeds of around 900Mb, and upload speeds of around 90Mb – meaning they can stream 4K Netflix in every room and still have enough speed to play the latest multiplayer on Xbox and Playstation, and still have enough capacity to watch YouTube.

The cost of getting into new areas is very high, so we work closely with forward-thinking developers who understand the importance of providing the best possible internet connection in their properties.

If you are already living in one of these fibre-enabled developments then get in touch using the form below so we can get you up and running with either our 250Mb or 1,000Mb options.

If you are living outside of these developments, then please select No and we’ll contact you if we get close to you.