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We are so proud that our brand is associated with the heritage of Jersey. Thus, we will continue to invest time and effort into charity and community initiatives so that we can best support our company, our people, our island, our customers and charities around the globe.

Corporate Social Responsibility is also in our mind, company-wide, coordinated approach to managing ethical, social, economic and environmental issues. Additionally, we have always been very active in supporting the local community and continue to be proud that our brand is associated with the heritage of Jersey.

Global Chosen Charities

Supporting charities around the globe

For the next 12 months the JT family will be supporting a number of charities around the globe.

Through our charity work we are committed to giving something back to our local communities and so helping to improve the lives of those around us.

In 2019, all of us at JT have decided to support animal based charities and projects throughout the year. In Jersey we will supporting the JSPCA, also known as the Animal Shelter; Guernsey is the GSPCA; London and Australia both have local branches of the RSPCA; USA is the ASPCA and Denmark is Dyrenes Beskyttelse.

In 2018 we raised over £20,000 from our global locations, which includes a £/$ for £/$ match from JT to encourage donations and all money raised, stays in that location – a great community and charity effort all round. We are hopeful that our great team at JT can provide some real benefit to our local communities this year.


RSPCA Australia


Dyrenes Beskyttelse

Keeping JT Green

Reducing our impact on the environment

Looking after the environment

Evidently, consideration for the environment has been recognised by JT as an important element to be integrated into our daily operational processes and management planning.

JT decided in 1997 it would develop an environmental policy also with supporting objectives for the company to reduce our impact on the environment.

The policy and objectives were approved in June 1997 together with the establishment of the Environmental Group “Green Team”. Therefore, today the JT Green Team has four members working on issues that both support the local environment through sponsorship and fund raising and benefit the employees and business by seeking ways to reduce, reuse and recycle for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

In order to continually evaluate our environmental impact, environmental issues are also considered, under six main headings to focus and allow for objective measurement.

  • Waste Materials
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Network Development
  • Purchasing

Environmental programmes

Consequently, environmental projects are an important part of developing staff awareness in green issues. Some of our successes over the years are detailed below.

Eco-Active Business

In April 2008 we successfully applied to join the Eco-Active scheme run by the Planning & Environmental department. The scheme provides a framework for measuring environmental impacts and making improvements to how efficiently and effectively resources are used. Thus, in 2010 we applied for and were successful in achieving Level 2 membership. In 2018 we again were re accredited as Level 2 members after submitting our application for scrutiny.

Alternative Transport

We have a rolling programme of installing cycle racks and showers in many areas of accommodation to give staff the opportunity to use other forms of transport. We feel that this is a very positive response as it not only helps the environment but also improves well-being of staff by encouraging them to take more exercise. Our head office was recently completed with showers, changing facilities and lockers and is used extensively by employees.

Green Day

Green Day continues to be popular with staff, having raised thousands of pounds over the years from staff generosity. Donations include new outdoor furniture for Jersey Hospice, RSPB bird boxes in the community, adoption of Ed the Fruit Bat and Jaya the Orangutan at the Durrell Wildlife Trust. Overall, we raised nearly £500 for the Jersey Hedgerow Campaign from our money raising efforts on Green Day. In addition, five members of staff spent a half day working in Grouville cutting back growth around hedges planted the previous March as part of the hedgerow maintenance project.

Environmental sponsorship

Support for the local environment is expressed by sponsorship and fund raising for environmental projects. Many local charities have benefitted from our fundraising that has subsequently been used for many green projects.

Recent beneficiaries include:

  • Jersey Hospice
  • Action for Wildlife Jersey
  • RSPB
  • Gerard Le Claire Environmental Trust
  • The Jersey Hedgerow Campaign
  • Men of the Trees
  • Durrell Wildlife Trust

For further details of our Environmental initiatives, contact Andy Holmes on Tel. 01534 882199

JT in the community

Making a difference to the people in the Channel Islands


In conjunction with the Child Protection Committee, our retail staff are trained about e-safety and the need to keep both parents and children educated about e-safety in the home environment. Thus, with a specific focus on making the Internet a safer place for children we consider this type of education, integral to being a responsible broadband provider.

JT is also a Member of the Internet Watch Foundation, the UK internet Hotline for anyone to report their exposure to online child sexual abuse imagery hosted anywhere in the world, non-photographic child sexual abuse images and criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK. So, for more information or to report a website visit

The Jersey Directory Recycling

We feel it is our responsibility to take care of the disposal of our telephone Directory and thus The Jersey Directory Recycling campaign has been running for 20 years. Every year collection points are set up in schools, supermarkets and Parish Halls making it as easy as possible for the public to access a suitable point. The directories are then shipped to the UK to be made into various recycled products.

We also run the 'Books for Tablet' campaign as an additional incentive for local schools. For very every 150 directories collected, JT will provide the school with a new tablet. The school that collects the most directories will, in addition, win a tech workshop.

Online Billing

We all know how important it is to save paper and look after the environment and, so this is a key focus for JT. All our new campaigns and offers now require customers to sign up to online billing, thus reducing the number of paper bills we send out. It's very simple; you can have access to your accounts 24/7, whilst also getting email notifications when your next bill is due.

Anti-Modern Slavery Statement

The JT Group is opposed to slavery and human trafficking and therefore, is committed to making meaningful improvements to sustainable workplace conditions and business practices. To read the full statement click here.

Sponsorship Requests

At JT we take great pride in supporting local initiatives and charity requests.

Communication, along with joining and protecting our communities, now and into the future, are at the very heart of island life and we are honoured to play our part in giving back to our islands, where our people and customers live and work.

As a well-established local brand we receive thousands of requests each year for sponsorships, donations and volunteers, unfortunately, we cannot support them all. As such we have created a set of guidelines to better inform you on our criteria, company objectives and selection process which allows everyone a fair chance of support and guidance. These are outlined in our Sponsorship Request application form.

Download our Sponsorship Request application form

In advance we’d like to thank you for considering JT as a future partner. Please email your completed form to and we will respond by receipt and with any next steps within 5 working days.