JT – Together

Connected. Together.

Connected. Together.

We’re proud to have been connecting our Islands for over 130 years.

Watch our stories about how our hyperfast fibre network helps businesses thrive, classrooms advance, and communities prosper, together.

Classrooms. Reimagined.

We’re championing innovation in classroom technology and pioneering a future of e-education.
Find out more about the benefits of our hyperfast Fibre Broadband.

We’ve made it our business to keep yours connected.

Stay connected to customers, communities and the world with our hyperfast fibre network.

We work, we play, we thrive. Together.

With our incredible network, we’re able to share our beautiful islands far and wide.

A community is built on connections.

JT Fibre powers the latest technology to keep you connected.

Connected. Together.

Businesses thrive, classrooms advance, and communities prosper. Together, we progress, we learn, we’re safe.