Welcome hints and tips

Create an account

  1. Head to the JT My Account portal by typing secure.jtglobal.com into an open web browser.
  1. Click ‘Register account’.
  1. Enter the following details:
  2. a. Your JT Account number
    b. Surname as it appears on your bill
    c. A number listed on your account (Mobile or Landline)
    d. Your email address
    e. Create a password
  1. Click ‘Register’.
  1. If you have entered a mobile number, you will receive a text message with a PIN number. Please enter this on the next page and click ‘Confirm’. If you have entered a Landline number, you will receive an Email with a PIN number. Please enter this on the next page and click ‘Confirm’.

You have now successfully created your JT My Account portal account.


Billing and usage

When you first join JT and request for services to be added on a new account, your first bill will be different than your following bills. This will be because we charge rental up front and we also part-charge the amount from the day the services is added up until the bill date.

For example, if your bill is dated 15th of the month and you added your services on 10th, your next bill will be run on 16th at 00:00:00, and you’ll be part-charged for that period (10th – 16th) as well as the total rental charges in advance for the period 16th this month – 15th next month. Please note the following: The reason the date mentioned is the day after the date stated bill on your bill is because we run the full time period up until 00:00:00. So for bills dated 10th of the month we charge up until 11th at 00:00:00.


Creating your JT My Account online

Follow these simple steps to register for a JT Customer Self-Serve account.

Understanding your bill: Part Charges

Learn more about your bill, here we explain the ‘Part Charges’ that might be showing in your account.