Lock in your plan

  • Friends on holiday enjoying the bundled JT One Jersey Mobile, Broadband and Landline Package

    Lock in your current plan

What is changing and what do I need to do?

The price of your current JT One mobile plan will be increasing which means you will also receive the roaming benefits of being a JT One customer. However, due to the current travel restrictions, should you not wish to have these extra benefits and a price rise now, you have the option to lock in your current plan without roaming for the remaining of 2021.

  • If you are happy with the new Roaming Benefits we don’t require any action from you.
  • If you are not interested in the Roaming Benefits and wish to lock in your current plan, please fill out the following form:

Please note: If you wish to lock in your current plan, you must submit this form no later than 13th June 2021.

The option to lock in your plan has now expired.