Managing Your Data

Managing Your Data

The Internet is enabling us to stay connected in so many ways, from family entertainment, inspiring new twists on traditional recipes and of course bringing friends and families from all over the world closer together.

From gaming to video calls, downloading music to streaming HD movies, we are anticipating the highest amounts of data ever streamed into the Channel Islands.

With JT Fibre our network is ready and we want to make sure you get the best online experience with peace of mind.

Here are some top tips to keep you connected:

Remember some devices are limited

Newer devices with faster processors can achieve higher download and upload speeds, in comparison to older devices which may struggle with intensive usage like downloading and streaming high definition video.

Use a hard wired connection where possible

We recommend you connect any device you can to an Ethernet cable that plugs into the back of your JT Hub. Games consoles, smart TVs, PC’s all have an Ethernet socket, and you can plug in up to four devices at a time.

Give your gadgets and gizmos a break

Wireless networks are often shared between lots of devices; including computers, games consoles, smartphones, smarthome systems, TVs and even Wi-Fi music systems. This can cause reduced speeds. Make sure you switch off anything you aren’t using, and try downloading large files, like movies and music, late at night when other devices are turned off.

Stay in control and manage your usage

Everybody likes a surprise but not when it comes to your bill.
Stay in control and monitor your usage with the FREE ‘JT My Account’ app.

Switch to JT One and enjoy UNLIMITED broadband

Why not switch to our great value JT One package and enjoy UNLIMITED broadband. To see what options are available click here and enjoy exclusive benefits, only with JT Fibre.

Having problems? Let us know…

If you are having problems, please reboot your JT hub by turning it off and on again. If issues still remain, please get in touch with our customer service via Live Chat, by calling 882882 or by emailing