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How do I get my free 'JT My Account' app?

  • Start by creating your online account. You’ll need your JT account number (at the top of your bill) and your email address.
  • Follow this link https://secure.jtglobal.com/ and select ‘Register Account’
  • Download your 'JT My Account' app for free.
     Get it on Google Play

Your 'JT My Account' app enables you to manage your JT services when it suits you.

  • Free
  • View your device rental info: monthly charge and date of final payment
  • View and pay your bills
  • View your future charges
  • View your itemised usage
  • Set usage alerts
  • View your used and remaining service allowance
  • Add bolt-ons
  • Use 'Parental Controls' tool to manage your home network
  • Livechat your account queries to our JTHelp team

I've forgotten my 'My JT Account' app password?

  1. Visit secure.jtglobal.com
  2. Click ‘Forgot password’
  3. Enter the email address you used to setup the account initially
  4. If you have set up a security question, you can use the ‘Answer secret question’ and reset password function’. Simply answer your secret question correctly to reset your password.
  5. If you have not set up a security question, please use the ‘Send me a pin via email’ function. This will send you an email with a four-digit PIN. Please enter this on the next page along with a new password and click ‘Recover’.
  6. You will then be logged in with your new password.

What does the dashboard of my 'My JT Account' app show?

  • Outstanding balance: This is the amount to be paid, but if you pay by direct debit it'll be taken on the direct debit date.
  • Issued: This is the date your bill is calculated.
  • Due: This is the date your bill is due to be settled by.
  • View Bills: Click here to view your monthly bills.
  • Live Chat with Us: Chat to our JT Help team if you've got an account query.
  • Usage Charges:Any charges acquired during this current billing period which you’ll see on your next bill. The table shows charges for minutes, data or texts using either mobile, roaming or home services.

Which devices are compatible?

Apple iOS 8 and above
Android 4.0 and above


Helping you stay safe on the internet

There are certain measures you can take to ensure you and your family are safe when using the internet, such as by keeping personal information safe and setting up technical parental controls. Click here to check all our e-Safety tips >