Rest of World Rates

  • Rest Of World Roaming Rates

    If you’re travelling long distance, below are the rates
    you’ll pay whilst using your phone abroad.

Rest Of World Rates

Making Calls* £1.39
Receiving Calls* 95p
Sending Texts** 39p
Receiving Texts** FREE
Data*** £3.99

The cost to call a premium rate number is the same when on-island, or when roaming in the UK or IoM.
These numbers are made up of two charges:

1. A network access charge: JT charge 40p per minute from Fixed Lines and Mobiles.
2. A service charge: This is the rest of the call charge. The organisation you are calling sets this charge and we would recommend you contact them for the latest call charges.

Please note charges can range from a few pence to several pounds per minute. Further information and a number checker can be found here.

When roaming in other destinations the cost to call a premium rate number will be the same as a standard call when roaming which is currently charged at £1.39 per minute with a 10p connection charge.

Roaming benefits, only with JT.

  • Enjoy superfast 4G data like you do at home with 4G enabled partner networks.
  • More partner networks than any other Channel Island provider. View our partners.
  • You can monitor your usage with our exclusive app to stay in control of costs. Download today.
  • Add a roaming cap to stay in control and limit your usage. Find out more.
  • Save even more when you add a data roaming bolt-on. Find out more.

Roaming Tips

There are many things you can do to reduce your costs.

  • Use Wi-Fi networks when available for example in airports, hotels, restaurants etc.
  • Turn mobile data off for apps you don't need to use whilst abroad, especially apps which use a lot of data for example App Stores, YouTube, Spotify etc.
  • Download our mobile apps before you travel to monitor your usage.
  • Add a roaming cap to limit your spend.

For more roaming advice, or to have your data settings checked, pop into the JT Shop and speak to one of our friendly advisors.


The legal bit

Roaming within non-terrestrial zones (maritime and satellite) are not included in the above rate card. *Calls are charged per minute, with a minimum charge of 1 minute. Calls can be made to any destination worldwide. A 10p connection charge applies for each call. **SMS text messages are charged per 160 characters and can be sent to any destination worldwide. ***Mobile data is charged in minimum increments of 1MB. Jersey only: Usage charges for calls, texts and data exclude GST which is added at the time of billing.