Moving home

Moving home

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Moving house can be really difficult and time consuming. We’re here to help take some of the hassle away by doing all we can to make sure your services are up and running at your new home when you move in.

This is what we need to know

  • Your JT account number
  • The services that you’d like moved
  • Your new address
  • Whether your new home is a ‘newly built’ property
  • The date that you’d like the services moved
  • Your email address

Please help us by giving us at least 15 working days’ notice so that we can have your services ready.


Fill out this form today so that’s one more thing ticked off your list.


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How much will it cost to move my services?

Relocation Charges:

Service Relocation Charge
Landline/Broadband No engineer visit required £52.50
Landline/Broadband Engineer visit required £140.69

The relocation charges will be listed on your next bill after the services have been moved. Charges include GST.

Should I take my router with me?

Yes, please take the router from your old property to your new property. Just connect it to the ONT at your new property as your home network details will remain the same.

At your old property:

• Don’t touch or unplug anything from the Genexis box
• Unplug the ethernet cable from the grey WAN port on the router and leave it in your property. Please do not take this cable with you.
• Unplug the power supply
• Unplug any remaining cables from the router and take them with you (they’re likely to be yours)
• Take your Tilgin router with you

At your new property:

• Plug in the ethernet cable which should come from the Genexis ONT (Port 1) into your router's grey WAN Port
• Plug in the power supply cable to your router and turn it on

All of your network and log-in credentials will be the same at your new property because you’ve taken your router with you.


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