“Through our responsible approach, we will ensure our business and our products are a force for good in the communities in which we serve”.

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Our people ambition focuses on a series of targets, under three key pillars of focus:

Community >

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging >

Security & Safety >


JT have been at the heart of island life for over 130 years. Our journey began with the goal of connecting people of the Channel Islands to each other, bringing people together to create conversations, relationships and to achieve great things. It is our communities and the people within them that make our islands an amazing place to live, work and play. Today we can say with pride, that thanks to our fibre network we are truly one of the most connected places on earth.

Our network, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been a lifeline for many and showed the positive effect a video call could have on our mental health, during times of lockdown. As the world keeps evolving, we at JT believe that we have a responsibility to our people and our communities, to give back to the less fortunate, educate and champion digital inclusivity and to make sure that no one is left behind.

Create “JT Together” Framework

In 2021 we will support a Cancer charity in each of our jurisdictions, with the aim of raising over £30,000

We will ensure that we support our local communities through charitable acts.

Support vulnerable groups and communities

We will champion and provide low-cost technology; product offers and world-class support to ensure the most vulnerable groups within our communities are able to connect with each other and bridge the digital divide

Social Infrastructure Services

We will continue to work together with our community partners and other service providers on essential community projects such as the Nightingale Hospital, smart metering, Telecare, technical education for all and a Computer Emergency Response Team (”CERT”) where together, we can make a big difference for our digital future

Raise awareness and support of Mental Health

JT currently have 26 trained Mental Heath First Aiders the largest corporate cohort in the Channel Islands. By 2023 we’d like to increase this to 75, allowing our employees to support both their colleagues and wider community

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

JT is striving to create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected, and every employee can be themselves and reach their potential.

We want JT to be innovative and productive so we can deliver the best products and services to our customers and diversity will help us achieve this. Our Vision is to be an organisation where everybody is free to be the best they can be, to grow and innovate in a respectful and supportive workplace that enables us to attract and retain a diverse talented workforce.

JT are a member of the Employees Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI) and as such closely monitor our own progress as part of the Talent, Inclusion and Diversity evaluation (TIDE). We are committed to our journey in each area and we aim to increase our score to 60% by 2025.


Recruit from a diverse, qualified group of candidates to increase diversity of thinking and perspective

We are also committed to the regular monitoring and auditing of diversity within our supply chain, allowing us to identify any Modern Slavery or unethical pay practices.


Foster a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness to enable all employees to contribute to their potential and increase retention

Carry out benchmarking to inform our initiatives.


We will encourage talent across all sectors of society, regardless of diversity, to view all career opportunities within JT to be achievable

We will engage with local education authorities to promote technology as a career choice for all.

Through the launch of our remote working programme we will make it easier to grow our diverse workforce, regardless of location.

Sustainability and accountability

We will identify and breakdown internal systemic barriers to full inclusion by embedding diversity and inclusion in our policies and practices and equipping leaders with the ability to manage diversity and be accountable for the results

We continue to build out and accelerate management and leadership training in these areas.

Security & Safety

The digitally connected lives we are all living creates both risks and opportunities. As the provider of that connectivity, JT takes our responsibility seriously for making sure our systems and services are reliable, and we support our customers to protect themselves from new and ever increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity risks. We know that the same connectivity is critical in providing confidence as we go about our daily physical lives and we are always looking at ways to enhance this, keeping our islands safe, together.

Network & Cyber Security

We will invest in world-class network and cybersecurity products and services, including; CISO as a Service, Digital Risk Protection, Managed Firewalls, Home network security and Advanced Parental Controls

We will provide free business cybersecurity assessments for our customers’.

We will continue to improve our internal Security controls to the future Telecoms Security Requirements & eliminate all High Risk Vendors by 2027.

We will work with customers and local partners to ensure we can provide network resilience and carrier diversity requirements.


We will work closely with the JHA (Justice & Home Affairs Department) to create a code of practice for the 999 call handling service, ensuring platform and service reliability and resilience

We will work with partners to further enhance the 999 call handling service, through solutions that further exploit the new digital capabilities of smart phones, which are able to pass additional data to responders, supporting a faster and smarter emergency response.

We will enhance the alarm lines service offered to our most vulnerable and offer free mobile devices as extra security and back-up in an emergency.

Privacy & Data

We will continue to follow best practice, ensuring our policies and procedures are reviewed regularly

We will deliver mandatory annual privacy and data protection training to all staff across all jurisdictions.

What we’ve done so far...

Charity Support

Charity support for Macmillan Jersey

In 2020 our people helped to raise nearly £30,000 for Macmillan Jersey and we provided the charity with lifeline digital equipment to continue supporting vulnerable islanders.
Phones for the vulnerable

Phones for the vulnerable initiative

We’ve offered all vulnerable islanders who do not have a mobile phone, a free handset and sim card, for use in emergencies.
National Trust Conservation

JT supports National Trust Conservation

Members of JT’s Sustainability committee supported The National Trust for Jersey, with Habitat restoration and enhancement of local bird hides.
Mental Health first aiders

Mental health first aiders support and focus on well-being

At JT we believe in the importance of looking after our people. Which is why we’ve supported 26 of our people to become fully accredited Mental Health First Aiders.
International Women's Day

JT celebrated International Women’s Day 2020

Women have been building a career in technology for decades. Telecoms and technology may not be an industry instantly thought of for attracting women, however the women within JT have built strong reputations based on their expertise in their field and are inspiring others, regardless of gender.
Neurodiversity awareness

Neurodiversity awareness training

In 2020 we conducted Neurodiversity awareness training for all our employees globally.
Living Wage

Living Wage

JT was Jersey’s first large-scale commercial organisation to become a Living Wage Employer, ensuring that all its employees in the Channel Islands and around the globe are paid a fair wage for their work.
JT Total Wi-Fi

Launch of JT Total Wi-fi - provides protection from security threats both inside and outside the home as well as parental controls to allow management of content filters and websites.
FREE Cyber Security

Conducted a series of FREE Cyber Security Assessments for our customers and will continue to do so.
Managed Firewalls and DDoS

Provide Managed Firewalls and DDoS Mitigation products for our business customers.