Value Creation

Value Creation
Value Creation

As part of company decision-making, we aim to consider how value is created for all stakeholders, including; customers, shareholders, employees, investors, society and the planet, and believe that a successful sustainable strategy is supported by robust financial value creation. Understanding which practices are most closely linked with positive financial impact and where we can innovate and reinvent processes and understanding customer expectations and responding with changes to our products and services, are some ways we can improve profitability. Integrating sustainability with our strategic goals and developing business cases to articulate the value that can be created or protected is key to the delivery on our commitments and drive long-term business value.

Growth through innovation, new
products and technology

Through our product development team, we will seek to offer our customers solutions that can help address sustainability issues.

Utilising our access to new technology, and the ability to partner with pioneering brands, we plan to offer solutions such as smart home monitoring, and products-as-a-service that can help our customers transition to a net zero future.

Capital returns from operational

We have identified a program of operational improvements that support our Planet ambitions, drive efficiencies resulting in reduced costs.

Monitoring our resource usage such as energy, water and waste, will enable us to identify further opportunities for savings.

Our Value Chain Pillar seeks to continue to develop our supplier relationships and understand and reduce environmental and social impacts. This process will also help us to strengthen and secure our supply chains.

Business Cases to support 
sustainability initiatives

We believe that sustainability should be integrated within all business decisions and supported by quantitative data.

By setting out the business case for sustainability within our capital spend programs, we can illustrate the financial cost and benefits and understand the return on investment.

Management of risks to identify
opportunities and reduce costs

Our work to understand our material impacts will identify the social and environmental risks to our organisation, and any related financial impacts.

Effective management and mitigation of these risks through our Audit and Risk Committee will ensure that we are reducing the chance of future costs arising.