Reporting and Governance

Transparent Reporting and Governance
Transparent Reporting and Governance

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JT commits to providing transparent reporting on our progress over the next 10 years and will introduce internal governance and process to ensure every decision we make is aligned to supporting a long-term sustainable delivery and return for our shareholders. Sustainability is now an important feature in corporate governance, and our 10-year strategy is supported by a number of accreditations, budget monitoring and reporting mechanisms to ensure longevity, collaboration and success in all we do.

Governance driving
Long-term Shareholder Value

All business decisions will now have sustainability measures built into our criteria for approval. This will actively include a review of how the investment will generate long-term shareholder value and positively impact our planet and our people

Reporting and Stakeholder engagement

We are committed to internal and external transparent reporting creating a suite of KPI's and science-based targets to ensure sustainability is deeply embedded into everything we do

We will provide all our stakeholders with an annual update on JT's progress against our ambitions and goals ensuring that we remain flexible to address emerging sustainability priorities and continually learning from best practice

Ensuring transparent Tax principles that we will follow in all communities that we serve

JT will pay its fair share of taxes in the communities where we create value

JT will only use business structures that are driven by commercial considerations, are aligned with business activity and which have genuine substance

JT will develop cooperative relationships with tax authorities, based on mutual respect, transparency and trust

What we’ve done so far...

Sustainability Committe

Launched JT’s Sustainability Committee

Carbon Trust

Carbon Trust

Worked with the Carbon Trust to calculate and baseline our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission footprints, using data from across our jurisdictions.
Board decision making

Our Board decision making

Processes are in compliance with S.172(1)(a) to (f) of the Companies Act 2006, which states that a director must consider, amongst other factors, the impact a decision will have on the community and environment.

By creating a 10 year strategy we have both a vision and framework to operate against and a way to monitor progress.