JT supporting diversity and inclusion for future senior leaders

JT has signed up to the I WILL programme, supporting the Government of Jersey’s plans to expand the range of skills for those holding senior positions within the government.

The telecoms group has placed diversity and inclusion among its key goals to become a more sustainable business and has appointed Alison Rogers, who is the Government of Jersey’s Group Director of Strategic Finance, as its first Board Apprentice. The I WILL initiative was introduced to address inequality and increase the number of women in senior leadership positions following a review of the gender pay gap.

Alison, who has had a career in the public and private sector spanning over 25 years, will spend a year under the mentorship of JT’s Board.

Graeme Millar, CEO JT Group, said: “At JT, we put people at the heart of what we do, and we believe in a digital future for all, helping to bridge any skill gaps in our society and achieve a better future for the communities we serve. That’s why it’s so exciting that JT is hosting Alison as a Board Apprentice, she will witness first-hand what it’s like to work on large scale digital transformation initiatives and what the process is to govern them. Everyone deserves the chance to rise to the top of organisations and the I WILL programme champions those aspirations, creating a pool of board-ready people capable of taking top positions in Jersey’s private, public and third sectors.’’

Alison Rogers said: “I have worked predominantly in finance, within both the private and public sectors, and I am relishing the opportunity to experience first-hand how the JT Board operates. Throughout my career I’ve worked very closely with operational areas and always gained a good understanding of the business needs. I value the collaborative approach to working and I’m really looking forward to sitting in with my hosts on the JT Board and drawing on their extensive business experience at the very top of their industry. It’s refreshing to know that there are companies such as JT operating in the Channel Islands who put diversity and equality at the heart of what they do.”

macmillan with JT phone cases

JT donates phone accessories to help cancer charity’s community project

JT are donating smartphone accessories to Macmillan Jersey to help towards their fund raising for a cancer support space at The Lounge charity book café in Burrard Street later this year. Macmillan Jersey was chosen by JT for a second year of support following the enormous impact the successful partnership had on both the telecoms group and the cancer charity in 2020.
The accessories, which are currently on sale in The Lounge, include covers and screen protectors for iPhone and Samsung smartphones. These are for phone models no longer sold in the JT shop but still widely used in the community, giving islanders the chance to purchase at a heavy discount with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

Graeme Millar, JT Group CEO, said: “Providing critical cancer support services for our community is so important and we’re really pleased to be able to continue to help towards these vital services, that connect people living with or effected by cancer to information and support from the very heart of our high street.

Our teams have worked together for the past eighteen months, embracing change, overcoming personal challenges and creating innovative ways to generate awareness and raise funds. To be able to recycle, repurpose and reuse while supporting our chosen charity who work tirelessly for our community is at the very core of JT’s values. The stock items we are donating we no longer sell the phones they are designed for, and we want both Macmillan Jersey and islanders to be able to benefit from that. We hope that the sale of these items will mean the charity will be able to pay for the improvements needed to bring their vision of a town centre support hub to life.”

Steph Gibaut, from Macmillan Jersey, said: “At Macmillan Jersey, our vision is that everybody affected by cancer in Jersey has access to emotional, practical and wellbeing support, through whatever their preferred route of contact is.

Later this year, we’d like to refurbish the upper floor of our town hub, The Lounge Charity Book Café, to transform it into a much more flexible space for cancer support activities. This would create a new cancer support suite in a central location for people to drop in on their lunch breaks and after work or school to speak to one of our cancer support team. It would be in addition to our Cancer Support Centre, The Oasis at The Lido Medical Centre. In order to do this, we need to raise around £15,000 to renovate our current office and we’re delighted that our partners JT continue to help us find new ways of raising the money needed to reach our target.