JT strengthens its fraud prevention expertise with Spectrum acquisition

JT has expanded its Mobile Intelligence offerings by acquiring Spectrum Message Services, an Australian-based company. Spectrum specialises in combining mobile communications platforms with anti-fraud and payment systems and has global partnerships with top-tier transactional software and service solution providers.

Spectrum’s flagship product, MoneyGuard, is a mobile alert system that’s used to process transactions for more than 120 million consumers worldwide using cards, accounts and other electronic payment forms. It’s been designed to help financial institutions fight fraud by alerting and communicating with customers through SMS, mobile apps, email and voice.

JT plans to seamlessly integrate MoneyGuard into its existing portfolio, enhancing its ability to protect customers from financial fraud and identity theft.

Daragh McDermott, CEO of JT Group, commented: “JT Group’s vision is to connect our customers, and this strategic acquisition perfectly aligns with our commitment to using data-driven solutions to combat financial fraud. MoneyGuard’s innovative features complement our existing Mobile Intelligence portfolio, bolstering our ability to provide effective communication channels in the dynamic world of financial transactions.”

Gerard Vos, Managing Director of Spectrum, added: “This marks an exciting chapter for MoneyGuard. Our shared vision for combining mobile alert systems with mobile intelligence aligns perfectly, and we look forward to contributing to its further growth by adding our expertise to JT’s initiatives in combating fraud whilst improving the overall customer experience.”

With the addition of MoneyGuard to its product portfolio, JT has solidified its position as a leader in Mobile Intelligence, combining expertise and solutions to create a more secure digital future.

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Silver award for JT’s diverse and inclusive culture

JT’s continuous focus on being a great place to work has been recognised as it moves up a level in a national awards scheme that measures progress on diversity and inclusion. The company is among 43 organisations that have received a TIDE Silver award, with other winners including BAE Systems, Engineering and Glasgow City Council.

In 2022, the telecommunications company achieved bronze and its latest Silver TIDE (Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation) rating from the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion saw JT’s score improve from 61% in 2022 to 74% in 2023, putting it in 34th place out of 171 organisations.

Sarah Gosiewska, JT Head of Talent, said: “For us, diversity and inclusion means acknowledging and appreciating perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, creating a working environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued for who they are. This highlights the continuous effort we put into life at JT.

TIDE awards are given to employers that rank highest on a benchmarking system that measures progress and commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion. JT was also ranked in first place in its region for recruitment after investing in anti-bias software and introducing enhanced diversity reporting. The local telco was also recognised for increasing its diversity among senior management positions.

Laura Belo, Head of HR at JT, added: “The TIDE process ensures that we strive for continuous progress against recognised targets. It’s also about tuning our work culture into what our people want and need, recognising and rewarding their talents, and creating an organisation where everyone feels not only valued but empowered. The average length of time people stay with JT is nearly ten years, a testament to people of all ages working side by side, from 18 to 67. With our long-term goals of working towards continual improvement, we hope that our score will continue to reflect the genuine efforts that the whole team is making.”

JT and RoamsysNext collaborate on Game-Changing IoT Solution for Network Optimisation

In response to the explosive growth of IoT devices and the projection that their number will double to 27 billion by 2025, Jersey Telecom (JT Group) has worked with development partner RoamsysNext to introduce JT’s IoT Certification Manager (ICM). This innovative solution addresses the pressing challenge faced by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), and enterprise partners, who are struggling with network congestion and performance issues due to uncertified IoT devices.

Network congestion occurs when there’s an overload of signalling and data traffic that exceeds the network’s capacity to manage. To tackle these issues, operators have at times resorted to blocking devices based on International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and traffic patterns, which can lead to an imperfect solution.

ICM effectively reduces the network issues that stem from IoT devices, ensuring improved service quality for customers and businesses. It provides valuable insights and analytics, allowing operators to identify and if required take necessary actions against uncertified or unfamiliar devices that may disrupt network performance or pose security risks, safeguarding the customer experience.

Going beyond optimising network performance, ICM enhances cybersecurity, ensuring that only trusted and secure devices connect to the network. This solution also enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to guarantee that their devices function as originally intended on networks.

Underpinned by a comprehensive dataset, this system facilitates the alignment of the Type Allocation Code (TAC) with certification data to uniquely identify each IoT device. It offers a user-friendly interface equipped with features such as a search tool, bulk entry, data export, and device verification against the manufacturer’s records.

Marcus Irwin, Head of Product Innovation at JT, said; “As an MNO, we’re well aware of the challenges posed by the existing and growing number of IoT devices. With ICM, we’re offering operators worldwide a groundbreaking solution that not only optimises network performance but also strengthens cybersecurity. It’s the game-changer we all need to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

He added, “What truly sets ICM apart is its remarkable ability to consolidate multiple data sources into a single interface. This allows operators, resellers, aggregators, enterprises, and manufacturers to easily identify IoT devices on their network, verify their global certifications, and make well-informed decisions based on high-quality intelligence.

Michael Grasmück, CEO of RoamsysNext, said; “Our commitment to data enrichment and consolidation is unparalleled. ICM is the answer to the industry’s need for a comprehensive, single-source solution that enables operators to address network congestion and improve services for their customers and businesses.

JT’s IoT Certification Management is available to mobile network operators, MVNOs, enterprise businesses, and OEMs through a yearly subscription. For more information click here.