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Join Together for FREE travel on JT’s big green bus this Friday

Passengers catching the green JT-sponsored double-decker bus on Friday will result in FREE travel, as part of JT’s new Deals You Can’t Ignore campaign.

The eye-catching bus will be on the Number 15 route between Liberation Station and the Airport and all journeys and travel on it will be free all day, thanks to JT.

Tamara O’Brien, JT’s Head of Marketing, Brand and Distribution, said: “Throughout the
year, JT will be offering lots more incredible deals, starting with this latest pay-as-you-go
offer. This really offers islanders a great deal so we wanted to spread the word and some
kindness this Friday. There is no catch … if you jump on the JT green bus, the journey is
on us.

The first Deal You Can’t Ignore offers 4GB of superfast 4G mobile data, 500 minutes and
500 texts every time a customer tops up just £5 via the ‘JT My Top Up’ app which is
available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Islanders may have
already seen the promotion of the offer around the island featuring some unusual Jersey
cows in Queen Street and the Airport.

The JT double-decker bus also highlights the fact that JT powers the fastest internet and
mobile networks in the Channel Islands, as confirmed by the Speedtest Awards from
Ookla, the world’s No. 1 internet text.


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Alive After 5 – Town Centre life doesn’t end at 5.30pm!

The Parish of St Helier and the Retail Development Group are pleased to announce the launch of Alive After 5. Over 50 retailers in St Helier will be taking part by opening to 6pm Monday to Friday. 20 opening late on Thursdays to 7pm. The later shopping hours start from Monday 3rd April and continue until Friday 29th September 2017.

The shift towards later opening hours mimics the hugely successful Alive After 5 campaigns in many cities and town centres across the UK. It is also a reaction to changing consumer shopping habits. Shoppers like a ‘Town Centre experience’. They want to take their time, try items on, and perhaps enjoy an al fresco coffee or a trip to the salon. By remaining open later into the evening we improve the customer shopping experience by allowing St Helier’s fantastic retail offer to become accessible at a time when people are available to shop. When they have finished work.

The scope for the benefits of Alive After 5 go far beyond the retail sector. St Helier’s restaurants, bars and cultural venues will also have later shopping hours. As shoppers stay in town later into the evening they will potentially meet with friends for dinner, drinks or a trip to the theatre or cinema.

The Alive After 5 social media pages promote the retailers who are open to 6pm or later Monday to Friday. It also provides information on St Helier restaurants and detail the many cultural activities on offer from 5pm.

A Positive Step for Businesses

“We have a fantastic offer in St Helier. When retailers remain open for longer that offer becomes accessible for more people to enjoy. This is a really positive step for businesses, customers and St Helier’s evening economy.” Daphne East, Town Centre Manager

“The later opening hours are a reaction to changing consumer shopping habits. But also keep up to date with other successful ‘Alive After 5’ campaigns launched in cities and towns across the UK and Europe. St Helier has a successful, diverse and unique range of shops. It’s important to make that available for customers, both local and tourists, to enjoy at a time that is convenient for them.” David Elliot, Chairman of the Retail Development Group

 “There’s no doubt that shopping habits have changed. Customers appreciate the opportunity to shop beyond the traditional 5:30pm closing time. Sure is pleased to participate in the Alive After 5 initiative and offer our customers the chance to shop with us at their convenience.” John Harvey, Head of Retail at Sure.

“The Consumer Council called out to Islanders in our December 2016 Newsletter asking ‘When do you shop and would you shop between 5pm and 6pm in town?’ Consumers called for greater flexibility in shopping hours. Especially having the opportunity to shop later in the day. The Council welcomes the Alive After 5 initiative. Versatility and change must be embraced.” Anne King, Jersey Consumer Council

Listening to our customers and responding to their changing behaviour is right at the heart of what we do. So, JT stands fully behind this initiative. It will help us to support more customers when and where they need it. Our team are looking forward to being available at more convenient times.” Tamara O’Brien, Head of Marketing, Brand & Distribution at JT

JT’s 2017 Telephone Directory celebrates old and new buried treasure

The 2017 Telephone Directory is launching in Jersey this week. It’s cover showcases both Jersey’s rich history and the investments that are being made into the Island’s future.

Coins featured on the directory cover were unearthed in 2012. Two local men discovered a treasure of 2,000-year-old compacted gold, silver and copper coins and jewellery in a field in Grouville. The hoard has since been disassembled and is now on display at La Hougue Bie.

At the same time as the discovery, JT launched its ‘Gigabit Jersey’ project. This replaced its long standing copper network with fibre-optic cables running directly to all homes and businesses in Jersey. Five years later, over 70% of properties now enjoy super-fast broadband. Provided by running down reliable and scalable fibre. The project is due to be completed in 2018.

Therefore, this illustrates a hugely significant development. A development that puts Jersey third in the world in terms of jurisdictions with households connected directly to fibre. JT has commissioned glass worker and Genuine Jersey Member Glyn Burton to create a symbolic piece of art from glass.  Glass is the main component of a fibre optic cable. The piece brings to life the opportunities which a ‘fibre future’ offers our island.

Valuable Posessions

His intricate work, overlaid on the cover with ancient coins from the hoard, demonstrates both the beauty and versatility of glass. It also represents the fibre future our island now enjoys. The images are represented by the headline: “Years on, and we still bury our most valuable possessions”.

JT Chief Executive Officer Graeme Millar said: “In terms of historical significance, connecting all homes and businesses directly to fibre is genuinely comparable to the discovery of the Coin Hoard. We wanted to make that link. In years to come, I have no doubt that this investment by JT and the States of Jersey will be one that brings the Island new opportunities and prosperity. It felt appropriate and meaningful to celebrate this future on the cover of the JT Directory. One which sits in homes and business across the island.”

JT would like to thank Mr Burton, the Genuine Jersey Products Association and Jersey Heritage for their help in the cover design.

2017 JT Directories will be delivered to all homes and businesses in Jersey. Copies will also available for collection at JT’s Queen Street store.

Hence, we feel it is our responsibility to take care of the disposal of our telephone directories. Therefore, please recycle 2016 directories at:

– The Co-operative Grand Marché, St Peter’s and St Helier

– Parish Halls

– The Household Reuse & Recycling Centre, La Collette


Issued by Julien Morel at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email julien@directinput.je for more information

Local filmmaker Callum Thorne has created a short video to tell this story:

Photograph credit: Callum Thorne http://www.callumthorne.com/

JT employees raise over £25,000 for charities

Two important Channel Island charities that support premature and sick babies have received a boost from employees at JT.

Over 2016, employees have raised £25,410.98 for Friends of SCBU, and the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation in Guernsey. JT also has offices in London, Melbourne and Boston and the money will also support baby-related charities in these cities.

In Jersey, the money has been used to buy two state-of-the-art portable heart monitors to be used in antenatal to monitor the fetal heart rate. Also in Guernsey, the money is being used to equip The Burrow – the PPBF’s new property in Southampton, which will be used by families with children being cared for at the nearby hospital.

We are Delighted

Neil Maclachlan, consultant obstetrician gynaecologist at Jersey’s General Hospital, said: “Not only do these new pieces of equipment closely monitor high-risk babies and assess potentially high-risk babies, they also hold essential historical data – providing the team with a large database of collective experience and knowledge to support our own visual assessments. We are so delighted with the monitors. Therefore, i’d like to thank JT employees for raising the funds for us to buy them.”

The PPBF was founded by three times World Touring Car Championship champion Andy Priaulx and his wife Jo, Andy said: “Thanks to an incredible amount of fundraising and genorisity, we have been able to purchase The Burrow but we still need to fundraise for furnishings, decoration, equipment and general maintenance in order for it to open its doors in the summer, as planned. So, JT’s fantastic contribution will help make this a reality.

JT raised money throughout 2016. Their efforts included:

  • Taking part in the Jersey It’s a Knockout Challenge.
  • Holding a Christmas staff raffle.
  • Having a Staff Charity Day, complete with cake sales, barbecues and sponsored silences.
  • Swapping gifts usually given at corporate Christmas events for donations. Is this the reverse advent calender? Why not say it?
  • Also, customers donating money in JT’s stores and sponsored events, such as Jersey Live and Guernsey’s Join Together Day.

Christophe Chateau, Group Head of Culture & Staff Engagement at JT, said: “Every year I am bowled over by the massive efforts of JT employees to support our partner charities. Striving to make a positive difference is part of JT’s culture. Therefore, this extends to the enthusiasm my colleagues show in their energy  for fundraising.”


To find out more about JT’s Chosen Charity please visit: /Global/Global-Landing-Page/CSR/Chosen-Charity/Our-People/

Issued by Julien Morel at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email julien@directinput.je for more information.

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Top accreditation for JT’s managed services

JT’ has been rewarded with top accreditation as a supplier providing the highest levels of security for its Data Centre and Managed Service customers.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013, the highly regarded Information Security Management System, was implemented last year in JT’s Data Centres and Cloud services. Thus, proving that JT is compliant with and meets the standards for using the very best practices in information security.

Our ISO 27001 accreditation has now been expanded to include the JT Service Management Centre (SMC). This means that JT’s managed services also adhere to the top global information security standard.

The JT SMC provides a fully managed service to customers who want to outsource the management responsibility of their network. Thus giving a voice to a trusted partner like JT. This includes the on-boarding, monitoring and configuration processes.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised information management standard that sets out a systematic approach to managing the confidentiality, availability and integrity of sensitive company and customer information.

The Challenge of Keeping Data Safe and Secure

Paul D Taylor, Managing Director of JT’s Global Enterprise Division, said: “There is no denying that security presents all businesses today with the challenge of keeping their data safe and secure. The prevalence and growth of increasingly sophisticated threats, such as brute force, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and ransomware attacks is a real risk for companies. And is a threat to the security of customer data.

“Securing and meeting the rigid requirements of Information Security Management Systems such as ISO 27001 is now a pre-requisite for many companies when choosing a business partner. It is an essential part of many customers’ checklists. Especially when they are rightly seeking reassurances that their business partners are doing enough to protect their data.

“Frameworks such as ISO 27001 help to differentiate JT’s services further. Thus, reinforcing our security expertise, knowledge and capability in a highly competitive marketplace.”


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