JT supports Macmillan Jersey’s first ever wellbeing retreat

A day dedicated to Rest, Relaxation and Restoration is being planned for islanders living with and recovering from cancer. The Macmillan Jersey Wellbeing Retreat will be held in the tranquil surroundings of Chateau Vermont next month thanks to the support of JT.

On Saturday, the 26th August, a team of wellness practitioners will be coming together to create a calming, peaceful environment where participants will have the opportunity to take part in activities such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, breathwork and sound healing therapy. The therapies are all designed to restore natural balance and a sense of wellbeing. There will also be healthy food options throughout the day.

Kate Fitzpatrick, Cancer Support and Wellbeing practitioner, said: “Wellness plays a fundamental role in cancer treatment and recovery and our wellness retreat is all about restoring energy and reviving the spirit. Having a cancer diagnosis is challenging and stressful and impacts all areas of a patient’s life. We hope that the retreat will provide a day where patients will feel supported, less alone and go home feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. We want the retreat to become an annual event for our cancer patients.”

Macmillan Jersey applied for funding from JT Community Giving to help towards the cost of the event. It was one of thirty successful bids during the second round of applications. JT launched its funding and support partnership in late 2022, with the aim of helping as many not-for-profit organisations, schools and community groups as they could, be that through funding, a raffle prize or through some tech support.

Pip Carpenter, Head of Commercial Market at JT, added: “In small communities such as ours, the chances are that most of us know someone affected by cancer, which is why a wellbeing day dedicated to people living with or recovering from the illness sounded like the perfect way to find some precious time out to re-charge. When our friends at Macmillan Jersey applied for our support, we knew that the day would be something special, gathering the best local practitioners to focus on physical and emotional well-being. It’s our hope that our small contribution will go a long way, in providing an exceptional day for some of those who need it the most.”

Artistic creativity continues to flow with JT donation

Liberate Art Club, a thriving creative initiative that aims to combat isolation and loneliness in the community, is the latest Guernsey charity to benefit from JT’s Community Giving Scheme.

Liberate will use the donation to purchase resources to make its art sessions as accessible and inclusive as possible as it fosters creativity and supports personal growth among its diverse and growing membership.

Participants, ranging from 18 to 82 years of age, come from various walks of life. The club’s mission is to ensure that no barriers stand in the way of artistic expression and creative camaraderie.

‘We offer these creative activities free of charge as we understand the financial challenges many of our attendees face due to factors like disability or single-parent status, so we rely on the generosity of local companies like JT, said Joni Nettleship, Liberate Art Club Co-Founder.

‘This donation will fund items like large knitting needles, tabletop easels, magnifying glasses and noise cancelling headphones which will help to make the sessions accessible and even more inclusive.’

The sessions cover various creative techniques, from painting, knitting, and drawing to watercolour painting, printing, and weaving. With a commitment to sustainability, Liberate Art Club implements eco-friendly practices by reusing and recycling materials, including drawing on cardboard and creating collages and wreaths from scrap papers, charity shop fabrics, and donated items.

JT Community Giving aims to help local projects and initiatives by offering them the opportunity to apply for funding, devices, subscriptions, technical support, or even hands-on help from JT’s many willing volunteers.

Kate Marshall, JT’s Head of Guernsey Enterprise said: ‘We applaud Liberate’s approach to connecting people through creativity. The art classes bring different people together from across the community for mutual support and it’s clear from how the class has grown that people enjoy the opportunity to express themselves through art.

‘JT is very supportive of any activity that takes an inclusive approach, and we’re delighted to see funding from our Community Giving Scheme go to such an accessible and also sustainable initiative.’

JT Tech Donation Connects Islanders to Health Connections

Guernsey’s Health Connections charity is the latest beneficiary of JT’s Community Giving Scheme.

JT has donated three digital display screens to Health Connections to help the charity promote its mission to enable everyone in the Bailiwick of Guernsey to be connected to available support and up to date information that enables them to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Health Connections will also use the screens to promote and run its free Community Connector training sessions, which are delivered each month in the CONNECT space in their Smith Street shop.

The screens will also be used to teach people how to make the most of the charity’s online directory, so that they can find the support that matters to them or a loved one.

Bella Farrell, CEO and Director of Health Connections, said: ‘We are committed to working with and promoting our directory partners to everyone in the community and these screens are an important resource to enable our work.

‘Like JT, we believe in connecting people and technology is a powerful tool to inform islanders about services that can improve their health and wellbeing, especially for those that are not so digitally adept.

‘We are very grateful to the JT Community Giving scheme for this donation, it’s enabled us to showcase our community partners and the support they provide islanders much more easily using our shop locations in town’

JT Community Giving aims to help local projects and initiatives by offering them the opportunity to apply for funding, devices, subscriptions, technical support, or even hands-on help from some of JT’s many willing volunteers.

Kate Marshall, JT’s Head of Guernsey Enterprise said: ‘Making a difference and a positive contribution to the community we live and work in, is very important to every one of us at JT.

‘As a digital company, we are delighted to be able to help a local charity to widen their reach by providing the technology needed to teach people about all the amazing support services there are available to them in Guernsey.’

The Community Giving scheme is open to all registered charities, schools, and community groups across the Channel Islands that meet at least one of four criteria: community support, digital inclusivity, raising awareness of mental and physical health and wellbeing, and environmental improvement.

Applications and more information can be found here: https://www.jtglobal.com/jersey/more-ci-charities-to-benefit-from-the-new-jt-community-giving-scheme/.