Beano inspired fun and mischief at the Jersey Festival of Words

Fifty children from Samarès Primary School took part in a celebration of the world’s longest-running weekly comic at the Jersey Festival of Words thanks to the help of JT.

Beano Mega-Mischief, an interactive fun event will took place on Saturday 23rd September. The comic, famous for its cheeky and fun-loving characters such as Dennis the Menace, his faithful hound Gnasher and Minnie the Minx, is celebrating 85 years of rebellious fun and laughter.

The festival organisers successfully applied for funding from JT’s Community Giving scheme the company’s funding and support partnership, to enable 50 children to experience the unique opportunity to meet Beano editors Craig Graham and Mike Stirling and take a behind-the-scenes tour of Beanotown’s greatest secrets.

Pip Carpenter, Head of Commercial Market at JT, said: “As a mum of two, I’m really supportive of the benefits of reading from an early age, it sparks imagination, encourages creativity and really helps develop communication skills and confidence. We set up JT Community Giving to help good causes that not only give back to our local community but help us nurture and grow it and that’s exactly what this event did. I hope the children had a lot of fun and have been inspired to keep enjoying reading and writing.”

The festival worked with educational charity Every Child Our Future whose aim is to give children a better chance of succeeding by focusing on literacy, numeracy and early years communication, to select the 50 children. In addition to a free ticket to the event, each child was given the Beano’s latest boomic – a cross between a book and comic – Dennis and Gnasher: Little Menace’s Great Escape.

Festival Director, Pippa le Quesne, added: “It is not just about getting children to read books, but also to enjoy them, and we find that children who get a book after being at an event are far more likely to read it. That’s why we decided to apply to JT Community Giving because it helps children who wouldn’t normally have access to events like this. The process was easy, and we can’t thank JT and our other sponsors enough for their support”

JT – First in Channel Islands to Switch on Renewable Energy

JT has become the first business in the Channel Islands to transition to renewable energy by entering into a commercial supply agreement with Guernsey Electricity. This means that 100% of the company’s electricity consumption in Guernsey, being 25% of the telco’s total Channel Island consumption, is supported by ‘Guarantees of Origin (GoO’s).

GoO’s are recognised in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 guidance and enable companies without access to renewable energy infrastructure to claim market-based renewable energy usage. A GoO certifies that an amount of energy received was replaced by a renewable equivalent

JT’s electricity consumption includes powering its Data Centres, Fixed and Mobile networks, and its various buildings in the Bailiwick, including the St Peter Port shop.

The firm has committed to be neutral in its scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 2030, and utilising renewable GoOs is just one pillar of its broader sustainability strategy to ultimately reduce emissions through reduced energy consumption and investment in energy-efficient technologies.

Gill Knights, JT Head of Sustainability and JT Group Counsel, has led the firm’s switch to renewable energy. She commented: “Since publishing our sustainability strategy in 2021, we have been focused on understanding the drivers of our emissions so we can target them as part of a structured, science-based reduction roadmap.

“The switch to 100% renewable energy in Guernsey is a tangible step towards our 2023 targets. We recognise that we have a long way to go and many challenges to overcome, but we are passionate about our journey to net zero and are excited to lead the way in the Channel Islands.

“We hope that our progress will inspire other companies to explore ways to drive sustainability and address their environmental impact.”

Transformation and innovation is not a choice, it’s a necessity

When we announced a few months ago that we had formed a partnership with Ericsson, it signalled the beginning of the next stage of substantial investment and transformation in our mobile and fixed line networks across the Channel Islands.

The speed of technological change is constantly accelerating, with new capabilities being rolled out faster every year, it’s important that we keep pace with change and are ready to meet the demands of our customers. Marcus Irwin, Head of Product Innovation, talks to Connect Magazine about our being more than just a telecoms provider, and how today, we are an integral part of the digital transformation era.

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