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Jersey Landline issue

We would like to apologise once again to all customers who were affected by service problems with the Jersey Landline issue on 27th December and then on 30 December. Thank you for your patience and support. The network is normally extremely robust, but we fully understand that is cold comfort when there is a problem.

The two incidents were unrelated technical issues. We will now undertake a full investigation to isolate the exact root cause of each one so that we can make sure it isn’t repeated. Needless, to say we will be monitoring the network very closely indeed over the coming days.

Given the timing over the holiday period, the fact we had two problems close together, and that they collectively affected the majority of our customers in some way, we will be offering compensation in line with our customer promise. Compensation will be seen in our customer’s January bills. This will take the form of a week’s free landline rental . And for broadband customers, a waiver on charges for data use in excess of broadband bundles in January.

We take our responsibility as one of Jersey’s core infrastructure providers very seriously indeed. We would like to reassure our customers that problems are rare. But if something happens we have careful plans in place to deal with it as quickly as possible. We always aim to get back to normal as soon as we can. Part of our protocol includes notifying the emergency services as the Health and Social Services community alarms used by some customers are affected by loss of landline service. We have been working pro-actively with all Emergency Services to continually improve the services.

JT Supports JSPCA

The JSPCA to get a helping hand from team JT in 2019

Following our public appeal for support, JT has chosen the JSPCA as its charity of the year in 2019. JT will be encouraging staff to support the charity with events. As well as corporate and personal fund-raising.


Earlier this year we took steps to engage the public to support us. Thus, ensuring that both the charity and Animals’ Shelter would be able to continue providing services for the Jersey community for many years to come.


Kevin Keen, the JSPCA’s volunteer Chief Executive Officer said: “To end the year with positive news is great for everyone involved. We are really pleased that our campaign has resulted in JT choosing us as the beneficiary of their annual fund-raising. Their support will help raise awareness of the services we provide and generate funds.”


A Popular Choice

Christophe Chateau, JT Group Head of Culture and Staff Engagement, said: “The JSPCA were an obvious and popular choice for us as our 2019 charity of the year. So many of us will have had contact with the Animals’ Shelter over the years. We know just how vital their services are for the Island’s sick, injured or homeless and lost pets. Without their presence, a much-needed service would disappear from our community. We know that our people at JT will get behind the efforts of the charity t. Thus, we hope to help fund the shelter in the same enthusiastic way that they have thrown their support behind many local charities and initiatives by fundraising and volunteering for decades. We are very hands-on and passionate about our community.


“As a locally-owned company, we’d also love to see other Jersey companies take up the opportunity to choose the JSPCA as their focus for fund-raising. Especially, in 2019  but also beyond. Therefore, we can continue to have a Shelter and service to be proud of.”


As well as encouraging corporate sponsorship and funding the charity has reached out directly to Islanders. This is in the hope of supporting them through ongoing donations and fundraising. For more information about fundraising for the JSPCA go to our Support Us page.