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  • Jersey - Gigabit Jersey

    02-Dec-2011 16:12

    J T responds to fibre comments from competitor JT has today prepared and sent a detailed reply in response to the recent comments circulated by its...

  • Jersey - Scam Phone Calls Update

    25-Nov-2011 16:11

    JT is once again warning customers to be vigilant about a scam that has been operating in Jersey since October and which is also being reported...

  • Jersey - Broadband update

    09-Nov-2011 14:11

    Some customers are unfortunately experiencing issues with their broadband service where it either drops out, or the connection slows down. We're...

  • Jersey - Scam phone calls

    03-Nov-2011 13:11

    JT is warning customers to be vigilant about a scam currently operating in Jersey.  The scheme involves a caller posing as a member of JT or...

  • Jersey - JT and UTStarcom sign MoU

    21-Jul-2011 15:07

    MoU - The best of the east and west JT and UTStarcom (“UTSI”) have been working together since 2008 on the next generation core telecoms network...

  • Jersey - Surfing on the bus

    21-Jun-2011 15:06

    Bus passengers in Jersey will soon be able enjoy free Wi-Fi access while travelling. JT has fitted seven Connex buses with special equipment which...

  • Jersey - Below inflation landline increase

    28-Apr-2011 15:04

    JT will be increasing the cost of renting a landline The 2.8% increase will come into effect from 29th June this year, however customers who pay...

  • Jersey - 'Gigabit' Home Entertainment

    22-Apr-2011 15:04

    Bringing 'Gigabit' Home Entertainment to Life Islanders can now see how a combination of the latest TV technology and the world’s fastest broadband...

  • Jersey/Guernsey - Largest provider of data hosting

    25-Mar-2011 15:03

    The JT Group has opened a new data centre at Rue des Pres, making it the largest provider of data hosting services in the Channel Islands The new...

  • Jersey - 'Espresso' Internet on King Street

    17-Mar-2011 15:03

    Coffee Republic in St Helier will now be able to access to WiFi internet speeds of up to 300Mb Thanks to a new partnership with JT, customers of...

  • Jersey - IoD 2011 Awards

    15-Mar-2011 15:03

    Supporting the search for Jersey's top directors JT announces its continued support for the annual Directors Awards which are organised by the Jers...

  • Jersey - Jersey Enterprise Awards

    05-Mar-2011 15:03

    Ogier named Overall Business Winner 2010 Award sponsor JT congratulates this year’s Jersey Enterprise Awards ‘Overall Business of the Year’ winner...

  • Jersey - Jersey Directory celebrates Gigabit Isles

    05-Mar-2011 14:03

    The front cover of The Jersey Directory 2011 celebrates one of the principal objectives for the JT Group over the next five years – making the...

  • Jersey - e-Gaming go ahead welcomed

    04-Mar-2011 14:03

    JT has welcomed the States support for the development of the e-gaming industry in the Island This week States Members approved the necessary...

  • Jersey - Red Cross Emergency Response Teams in Channel Islands

    22-Feb-2011 14:02

    The Red Cross will be training and setting up new emergency response teams in Jersey and Guernsey thanks to a donation of £8000 raised by the JT....

  • Jersey - JT doubles mobile broadband speeds

    14-Jan-2011 11:01

    JT has now doubled the quickest mobile broadband speeds available in the Island from 7.2 Megabits (Mb) per second to 14.4 Mb. This puts the Island...

  • Jersey/Guernsey - JT group acquires ekit

    11-Jan-2011 11:01

    JT completes significant new acquisition. The Jersey Telecom Group has just completed a major acquisition which will triple the sales revenue from...

  • Jersey - Jersey Live 2011

    10-Jan-2011 12:01

    Sponsorship Confirmed Jersey Telecom and Jersey Live Festival of Music have confirmed that they will continue their successful partnership for a...


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